Autodesk Bets Big on AI to Revolutionize Design and Manufacturing

Autodesk Bets on AI to Boost Design and Manufacturing

Autodesk Inc. has unveiled Autodesk AI, a suite of new artificial intelligence technologies aimed at transforming the creativity, productivity and ambition of professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, product design and entertainment.

Available in Autodesk products and native to its Design and Make Platform, Autodesk AI will provide intelligent assistance and generative capabilities that empower users to imagine freely, solve problems, eliminate rote work, and achieve more innovative and precise results, the company said.

“As the trusted technology partner for Design and Make industries, Autodesk sees AI as a way for our customers to tackle the challenges they face and turn them into opportunities,” said Andrew Anagnost, President and Chief Executive Officer of Autodesk. “Autodesk AI is the assistant that lowers the learning curve for designers and engineers, supercharges their productivity, and accelerates innovation.”

Autodesk has quietly been at the forefront of AI research for years through its AI Lab, which has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers on AI, including generative AI. Its recent acquisition of Blank.AI points to the company’s growing ambitions in generative design.

“AI is the future of design and make, and Autodesk is pioneering this transition,” Mr. Anagnost said. “We sit at the junction of many of the most creative and impactful industries in the world. We’ll continue to invest in AI because of its transformational potential to drive better outcomes for our customers’ businesses and the world.”

In a recent survey, 77% of design and manufacturing companies said they plan to increase investment in AI over the next three years. Two-thirds believe AI will be essential in just two to three years.

“With a commitment to security and ethical AI practices, we’re focused on delivering responsible AI solutions that address our customers’ needs,” said Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer at Autodesk.

Autodesk AI is already being deployed across the company’s software portfolio and industry-specific cloud offerings to boost creativity, automate repetitive tasks, minimize errors, analyze complex data and more. New capabilities are constantly in development across Autodesk’s architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing and media & entertainment products.

“Today, Autodesk AI is available across the Autodesk portfolio, with new capabilities in constant development,” the company said. “Autodesk AI augments creative exploration and problem-solving; automates repetitive tasks to minimize errors and free up time; and analyzes complex project data to offer predictive insights.”


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