Kin + Carta and Google Cloud Join Forces to Pioneer Generative AI Solutions for Enterprise Clients

Photo by Alexander Sinn

In a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the digital landscape, Kin + Carta has teamed up with Google Cloud to develop cutting-edge generative AI solutions for their enterprise clients. This collaboration, facilitated through Kin + Carta’s Google Practice, is set to propel the consultancy’s generative AI strategy forward, ushering in a new era of AI-powered features and immersive experiences for users.

By integrating generative AI into their offerings, Kin + Carta will provide its clients with a host of unparalleled advantages. The business benefits of generative AI are far-reaching and include enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction, all of which contribute to building more successful and profitable businesses.

As part of their commitment to deliver practical and impactful solutions, Kin + Carta has already developed impressive demos and accelerators tailored to specific industry use cases. These initial demonstrations and accelerators span a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and agriculture, with plans for expansion into other industries underway.

Generative AI empowers businesses to automate content creation, leading to significant time and resource savings while maintaining the production of high-quality content across various formats. Language translation becomes effortless, fostering seamless communication with customers from different regions. Furthermore, generative AI technology can be leveraged to build AI-enhanced search engines and assistive experiences, enabling users to navigate complex transactions and analyze patterns in documents. Notably, generative AI can enhance customer service through the implementation of chatbots that respond quickly and accurately to inquiries.

“Generative AI is undoubtedly a game changer for the modern enterprise,” asserts Robbie Clews, Senior Director of Google Cloud at Kin + Carta. “Progressive companies have embraced generative AI not as a novel technology, but rather as a catalyst and gateway to unlocking the immense latent value hidden within their data assets. The Kin + Carta Google Practice is working hand in hand with Google Cloud and our clients to ensure the adoption of generative AI is scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.”

Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channel at Google Cloud, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership: “New generative AI consulting and delivery capabilities from Kin + Carta will bring new and innovative solutions to organizations across industries. We’re excited to expand our work with Kin + Carta on Generative AI and to help customers accelerate their AI-driven transformations.”

Through the collaboration with Google Cloud, the Kin + Carta Google Practice is expanding its consulting and technology delivery offerings, helping clients realize the value proposition of generative AI in their businesses. This includes:

1. Briefings on Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions and roadmap, featuring support for Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder, and MakerSuite.
2. Use case workshops to identify new business opportunities for automation and acceleration, leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI solutions and product ecosystem.
3. Delivery of rapid prototypes to demonstrate the tangible value of generative AI and align it with cloud investments.
4. Strategies for Human in the Loop (HITL) design to expedite known business opportunities.
5. Rapid proof-of-concept (POC) and prototypes to showcase the capabilities and potential of generative AI.

The new generative AI capabilities developed through this partnership are already available to customers seeking to unlock the transformative power of AI.

Kin + Carta is a renowned global digital transformation consultancy and a Certified Google Cloud Partner, collaborating with over 40 joint clients since 2017. With a team of 2,000 consultants, engineers, and data scientists, and certified expertise across four verticals

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