Embrace the Plant-Based Milk Revolution with Milky Plant

Milky Plant the kitchen appliance of 2023

As the plant-based milk trend continues to flourish, it’s no surprise that one in three Brits are opting for dairy alternatives. Catering to this growing demand, Milky Plant introduces an innovative appliance that enables users to create their own plant-based milk from nuts, seeds, cereals, and water right in the comfort of their homes.

Gone are the days of relying on store-bought options filled with preservatives, emulsifiers, seed oils, and gums. With Milky Plant, the process is simple and efficient. Just add your desired ingredient to the blender, fill the water tank, and within a mere three minutes, you’ll have a litre of freshly made, homemade plant-based milk. Not only is this a healthier alternative, but it also offers significant savings compared to purchasing pre-made options.

In fact, creating plant-based milk at home can save you anywhere from 30% to 90% per serving compared to store-bought alternatives. While the Milky Plant machine itself costs £290, it takes approximately 180 uses to recoup the investment, depending on the ingredients used. Beyond the financial benefits, making your own milk also contributes to a reduction in tetra pak waste, which amounts to nearly 300,000 containers ending up in landfills each year. To put it into perspective, if these containers were placed end to end, they would stretch all the way from central London to Milton Keynes.

Nadina Grigoras, the founder of Milky Plant, shared her inspiration behind the creation of this game-changing appliance. “A few years ago, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and wanted to make healthy changes to my diet. I quickly realized that store-bought plant-based milks aren’t as natural or healthy as they claimed to be, as they are high in saturated fat, additives, and preservatives. The only way to make plant-based milk at home was messy and time-consuming, so I set out to develop my own appliance to simplify the process.”

Milky Plant offers a superior alternative to supermarket options, providing a healthier, more cost-effective, and more sustainable solution for plant-based milk enthusiasts. Users can even personalize their milk by adding ingredients like maple syrup or dates to enhance the flavour and natural sweetness. The versatility of Milky Plant milk opens up endless possibilities for recipes and consumption.

This groundbreaking appliance utilizes patent-pending technology to strain out the pulp from the final milk, eliminating the need for messy blenders or the tedious process of using cheesecloths or nut bags. The extracted pulp is stored in a convenient compartment at the front of the machine. Remarkably dry, it can be repurposed in various recipes such as homemade granola or smoothie bowls, or even used for composting.

Milky Plant’s commitment to sustainability has recently earned them enrollment in the prestigious Amazon sustainability accelerator scheme. This exclusive program, limited to just 15 sustainable businesses annually, further solidifies Milky Plant’s dedication to promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Join the plant-based milk revolution with Milky Plant and experience the convenience, health benefits, and cost savings of creating your own homemade milk. The possibilities are endless, and a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle awaits!

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