French Packaging Pioneer Partners with Finnish Startup to Bring Sustainable Luxury to Beauty Industry

French Packaging Pioneer Partners with Finnish Startup to Bring Sustainable Luxury to Beauty Industry

Texen Group, a leading French packaging manufacturer serving the global beauty industry for over 40 years, has announced a new collaboration with Finnish sustainable materials company Sulapac to offer luxury cosmetic packaging solutions made from biobased materials.

The partnership aims to help beauty brands meet sustainability targets while still providing high-end packaging experiences. Texen Group, known for its technical precision and innovative designs, will leverage Sulapac’s unique biocomposite materials to create caps, closures, and other beauty packaging products.

“Sulapac is a prime example of a solution that combines eco-responsibility with the aesthetic and quality standards we strive for,” said Denis Paccaud, Innovation Director at Texen Group. “With Sulapac, we can now offer our customers truly market-leading sustainable packaging.”

The key properties of Sulapac materials, derived from wood chips and other natural sources, are a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional plastics, no use of fossil materials, and the ability to incorporate recycled content. For consumers, the collaboration translates into luxury beauty moments with an added sense of contributing to a sustainable future.

Texen Group has optimized its production processes for consistency using Sulapac’s material grades, ensuring seamless integration for brands. “We applaud Texen Group for the care they’ve taken to precisely capture the best qualities of our materials,” said Colin Strobant, Sales Director at Sulapac.

Known for their commitment to enriching the consumer experience, Texen Group views sustainability as central to luxury innovation today. “We want to deliver unique sensory experiences with that ‘French touch’ while also meeting eco-standards,” said Julie Vergnion, Marketing Director at Texen. “Sulapac’s premium feel makes it a perfect addition to our sustainable portfolio.”

With a client list including the most prestigious names in beauty like Chanel and Shiseido, Texen Group’s legacy of excellence and Sulapac’s position as a leader in sustainable materials are driving adoption across the industry. The partners envision current customers expanding their use of Sulapac materials into new products, and new brands being drawn to replace conventional plastics.

“Together with Texen Group, we hope to encourage the further integration of sustainable materials into luxury beauty to drive real change,” said Strobant. By combining their strengths, the partners aim to accelerate the industry’s ecological transition.

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