Game-Changing Yeasts Launched for Non-Alcoholic Beer Innovation

SmartBev® NEER® two new strains for more flavour

Chr. Hansen, a Danish global bioscience company, has introduced two new yeast strains specially selected to expand flavor profiles for non-alcoholic beer production.

The new SmartBev® NEER® strains cater to rising consumer demand for diverse non-alcoholic beer options with improved taste. According to Chr. Hansen, the strains provide the full beer-drinking experience with a well-rounded body and mouthfeel.

“With new strains in our portfolio, brewers can now offer an even greater variety of flavors to consumers seeking non-alcoholic options,” said Sofie Saerens, Senior Commercial Development Manager at Chr. Hansen.

NEER® Poly is suited for pilsners, stouts and ales, allowing malt and hops to shine. NEER® Punch is ideal for fruit-forward IPAs, wheat and fruit beers, imparting bold ester characters.

The launch builds Chr. Hansen’s non-alcoholic brewing technology portfolio to three specialized yeasts. The strains are sourced from Belgium’s VIB-KULeuven Center for Microbiology.

Chr. Hansen said its NEER® strains offer sustainability benefits, including up to 65% malt savings and reduced water and energy needs compared to traditional dealcoholization methods. This allows for accelerated production and swift market entry.

“We believe every consumer deserves a great-tasting beer, regardless of alcohol choice,” said Saerens. “Our new strains are a testament to our commitment to push flavor boundaries in the growing non-alcoholic beer market.”

Euromonitor data shows the global non-alcoholic beer market grew 5% annually from 2018-2022 and is forecast to rise 7% through 2027 amid rising health awareness and fading social stigma.

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