Generative AI Startup Aims to Improve Corporate Sustainability

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

A new startup called Improvability AI emerged this week with the ambitious goal of helping businesses improve their environmental and social impact through the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

Founded by experts in AI, supply chain management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, Improvability AI aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing corporations today – the lack of comprehensive, high-quality data needed to measure sustainability performance across complex global supply chains.

“Our mission is to become the essential sustainability and supply chain infrastructure for companies everywhere, helping them move from just sustaining to actively improving their impact,” said Tee Ganbold, co-founder and CEO of Improvability AI, in an interview.

Unlike other providers trying to layer AI onto existing software, Improvability AI is building its system from the ground up around advanced generative AI models like GPT-3, while also emphasizing data accuracy and trust. The startup has already begun onboarding an initial set of companies into a private beta test of its platform.

What sets Improvability AI apart is its focus on empowering sustainability, ESG and supply chain teams within companies to easily extract and analyze data locked away in documents and spreadsheets. Users can ingest these files into secure, private vector databases customized for their needs.

The startup is also building what it claims will be the world’s largest public database of verified sustainability data, technologies and reporting frameworks. This library of information can be used to train AI systems to generate more nuanced insights.

Suppliers and vendors will be able to add and verify their own data through Improvability AI’s “Sustainability ID” system. This crowdsourced approach aims to address the lack of standardized, high-quality training data that often hinders AI tools in sustainability applications.

“The drive to improve supply chain data quality comes from my experience growing up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where I saw firsthand the measurement challenges businesses faced,” said Ganbold, who previously co-founded Clear AI, a supply chain analytics firm.

Improvability AI has raised funding from top Silicon Valley investors including Frank Meehan, formerly of Spotify and Siri, and Kavita Gupta, previously with the World Bank and ConsenSys Ventures. Its technology will be overseen by OpenESG, an independent sustainability standards body.

With consumers and regulators demanding more sustainability transparency, Improvability AI hopes its AI-powered platform can provide the data and insights companies need to move toward more ethical, eco-friendly business practices. But realizing that vision at a global scale will likely prove a formidable challenge.

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