Glasgow blows into renewable energy lead with massive wind turbine shipment

A record number of wind turbine components are expected to pass through King George V Dock in Glasgow this year, underscoring Scotland’s momentum in renewable energy. Operated by Peel Ports Clydeport, the country’s second largest port will process over 1,000 components weighing more than 60,000 tonnes in 2024. This significant increase includes 100 complete turbines and 580 blades from the North Kyle Windfarm project. Since 2005, the Glasgow dock has handled parts for over 1,200 wind turbines, accounting for over 35 percent of Scotland’s total installed capacity – more than any other port.

Peel Ports Clydeport is set for a record year handling wind turbine components at its King George V Dock site in Glasgow as the operator continues to support the renewable energy sector.

The UK’s second largest port operator will process over a thousand components, weighing more than 60,000 tonnes, at the site throughout 2024.

Since 2005 Peel Ports Clydeport has handled over 1,200 wind turbines through King George V Dock, resulting in more than 35 percent of total capacity installed in Scotland – more than any other port across the country.

The expected tonnage for 2024 marks a bumper year ahead for the facility, located on the banks of the River Clyde, which has a strong track record in transporting components used for onshore based wind projects.

Representing a significant increase in tonnage from last year, some 1,050 components, 100 complete turbines, and 249 blades from North Kyle Windfarm in East Ayrshire are set to go through the port’s deep-sea dock facility this year. The group will further handle around 550 blades, 100 drivetrains, 100 nacelles and 300 tower sections.

King George V Dock’s deep-sea facility is uniquely equipped to accommodate the handling of large-scale wind turbine components, allowing efficient movement of vital equipment to and from wind farm sites.

With Clydeport anticipating a surge in wind components in the year ahead, the news reflects growing momentum across Scotland’s renewables sector, and will help drive the country towards meeting its sustainable energy targets.

Jim McSporran, port director at Peel Ports Clydeport, said: “We’re all proud to be a major player in driving Scotland’s renewable energy ambitions forward.

“The tonnage set to pass through King George V Dock in the year ahead is really impressive, but what’s more, it shows the confidence of those working across the renewables sector in our ability to open the door for the seamless, and vital, transportation of key components.

“As the world looks to rise to the most urgent environmental challenges, the need for renewable energy has never been greater. A key part of our strategy moving forward is to ensure we are ready to help the sector meet this demand.”

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