Nemetschek Group Showcases Digital Solutions for Ukraine’s Reconstruction

Photo by Glib Albovsky

From November 14 to 15, the Germany-based software company Nemetschek Group will participate in ReBuild Ukraine, an international event in Warsaw focused on reconstructing war-torn Ukraine.

The company will be represented by five of its brands – Allplan, Bluebeam, Graphisoft, Solibri and dTwin – that offer solutions for infrastructure, construction, project collaboration and data management. These technologies can support efficient, sustainable rebuilding of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure damaged during the war, the company said.

“We are all moved by the difficult situation of the people in Ukraine,” said Yves Padrines, CEO of Nemetschek Group. “As an international company with European roots, we are aware of the responsibility we have now and in the future. That is why we are committed to working with our brands in the coming years to rebuild the country sustainably and efficiently.”

The two-day ReBuild Ukraine conference aims to connect Ukrainian officials with international institutions and companies that can provide investment, materials and technologies for reconstruction efforts. Infrastructure, energy, industry and housing are key focus areas.

Nemetschek Group will showcase its solutions for design, collaboration and simulation in infrastructure projects, building construction and prefabrication. The company said its technologies have supported building projects worldwide for over 50 years by streamlining processes and enabling seamless collaboration.

The trade fair and conference will take place at EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Nemetschek Group will exhibit its solutions alongside the European Commission in Hall 1-A-7.

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