Global Startup Landscape Unveiled: GSER 2023 Report Highlights Trends and Economic Resilience

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The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 (GSER 2023) was officially launched today at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, captivating attendees with its comprehensive insights and unveiling the secrets of the global startup landscape. Presented by JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome, this highly anticipated report, powered by the world’s most extensive and quality-controlled startup dataset, sheds light on the ever-evolving trends in entrepreneurship.

Leveraging data from over 3.5 million startups across more than 290 global ecosystems, the GSER 2023 delves deep into the pulse of startup ecosystems, offering valuable knowledge on emerging trends and their impact. From the effects of inflation and AI regulation to talent attraction and global VC funding patterns, this report unveils a treasure trove of information essential for policymakers, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Noteworthy global findings from the GSER 2023 reveal intriguing aspects of the startup landscape. It highlights the advantage of investing in startups during a recession, where high interest rates can concentrate capital and talent into ventures that generate significant value. Startups funded during the Great Recession demonstrated slightly higher exit multiples, outperforming those funded during economic expansions.

The report also explores the fluctuations in global VC funding, indicating a downward trend that commenced in the first quarter of 2022, with a 13% drop from Q4 2021. Overall, 2022 witnessed a significant decline of 35% compared to 2021. However, despite the decrease in the number of funded startups, the average deal size grew by 2% due to larger investment sums, with a decline of 18% in the number of deals.

Unveiling the most remarkable startup exits, the GSER 2023 highlights the $32.6 billion IPO of Miami-based MSP Recovery as the biggest tech exit of the year. Although impressive, it pales in comparison to Beijing-based Kuaishou’s $150 billion IPO in 2021, nearly five times larger. The report also reveals a slowdown in the number of unicorns globally, with a 40% decline from 2021, while seven ecosystems welcomed their first tech unicorn in 2022.

As the influence of artificial intelligence continues to grow, the GSER 2023 emphasizes the dominance of the AI & Big Data sub-sector, accounting for 28% of global VC deals in 2022. Furthermore, the report showcases the exponential growth of Deep Tech innovations in the startup world, with exit amounts surging by 326% from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022, surpassing non-Deep Tech technologies, which grew by 225%.

Regarding ecosystem rankings, the top three ecosystems maintained their positions from 2020, with Silicon Valley reigning supreme, followed by the tied second place of New York City and London. Despite a reduced market share, Silicon Valley remains a dominant force. However, several shifts occurred, with Los Angeles rising to the fourth spot and Tel Aviv securing the fifth position, both gaining two places. Notably, Beijing and Boston slipped out of the top five.

The GSER 2023 emphasizes the growth of startup ecosystems in India, with Delhi, Bengaluru-Karnataka, and Mumbai climbing the ranks. Conversely, Chinese ecosystems, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, experienced a decline in their rankings. Istanbul secured the top position in the new Strong Starters ranking, identifying the most robust emerging ecosystems for early-stage funding activity.

The report concludes with a powerful statement from JF Gauthier, underscoring the commitment to driving entrepreneurial growth and performance globally. He emphasizes that despite economic challenges, the right knowledge can

empower entrepreneurs, policymakers, and community leaders to leverage opportunities, fostering innovation that drives growth, job creation, and a sustainable future.

The GSER 2023, created in partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Dealroom, and Crunchbase, provides invaluable insights and guidance on nurturing thriving startup communities—the vital engines of job creation and economic prosperity. To explore the full report and compare 140 entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide, visit:](

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