Helsingborg Shares Smart Tourism Spotlight as Dublin Wins 2024 Title

Helsingborg Shares Smart Tourism Spotlight as Dublin Wins 2024 Title

The Swedish city of Helsingborg finished as runner-up in the 2024 European Capital of Smart Tourism competition, an honor that recognizes cities for excellence in sustainable and innovative tourism practices.

The top prize went to Dublin, Ireland, which won the title for the second time. Cork, Ireland, also made the final six.

“Regardless, today we stand as winners!” said Helena Wennerström, deputy director of communications and business development for Helsingborg. “Being in the final is a clear acknowledgement that we are on the right path forward. It puts Helsingborg in a European and global context, which is good for the city and the local business community.”

Initially, 30 cities from 17 countries were in contention for the 2024 title. Helsingborg, along with Bremerhaven, Germany; Cork, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Genoa, Italy; and San Sebastián, Spain, ultimately advanced to the final round.

In presenting to the European jury, Helsingborg highlighted its close cooperation between municipal government and the tourism industry, a partnership viewed as critical for the city’s nomination and continued success.

“Many people are behind the joint offer to sell Helsingborg,” Ms. Wennerström said. “In the coming year, Helsingborg will be given the opportunity to collaborate as part of a network with all the finalists, starting in Dublin in the spring of 2024.”

She added: “Dublin was in the final for the second time, which shows that the journey we have started is a great opportunity for Helsingborg as a destination. Behind the second place is well-invested time that gives us the opportunity to take the city closer to our goals, while becoming more visible in Europe.”

The European Capital of Smart Tourism competition, an initiative of the European Union, began in 2018 to highlight standout practices in accessibility, sustainability, cultural heritage and other areas. Past winners include Gothenburg, Sweden; València, Spain; and Helsinki.

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