Innovative Construction Project Receives World’s First Ventilation Ducts Made from Fossil-Free Steel

Innovative Construction Project Receives World's First Ventilation Ducts Made from Fossil-Free Steel

Lindab, a leading manufacturer of products and solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate, has delivered the world’s first ventilation ducts made from fossil-free steel to an innovative construction project in Lund, Sweden. The ducts, produced using revolutionary technology by the Swedish steel company SSAB, represent a major sustainability milestone for the building industry.

The 24,000 square meter property, designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, will house offices and research facilities as a hub for innovation and sustainability. Developed by Swedish real estate company Vectura and constructed by Skanska, one of the largest construction companies in the Nordics, the building aims to fulfill strict environmental requirements and serve as a model for sustainable construction.

A key component in achieving the project’s ambitious sustainability goals is Lindab’s delivery of approximately one kilometer of ventilation ducts fabricated from SSAB’s fossil-free steel, according to Vectura. The steel is made using a breakthrough process called HYBRIT that eliminates fossil fuels from the iron and steelmaking process, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%.

“We are proud to contribute to the property through our fossil-free steel ventilation ducts,” said Ola Ringdahl, President and CEO of Lindab. “This represents another step toward reducing the climate impact of our customers and our industry.”

SSAB began test production of the revolutionary steel in 2021 at its plant in Oxelösund, Sweden. The delivery to Lindab’s facility in Farum, Denmark in January 2022 marked the first time that products made from the fossil-free steel have been used in an actual construction project.

“By using pioneering materials, we’re leading the way for sustainable construction,” said Staffan Andersson, Vice President of Skanska Sweden. “Through innovation and cooperation, we’re creating solutions for the future.”

According to Matilda Isaksson, Sustainability Manager at Lindab, the project demonstrates the power of collaboration to drive change. “By using SSAB’s fossil-free steel in our products, we support a more sustainable construction industry,” she said.

Regular production and commercialization of the fossil-free steel is expected to begin in 2026, positioning SSAB to supply the material years ahead of competitors. The steel will enable dramatic reductions in carbon emissions as it is adopted across manufacturing industries.

Lindab’s fossil-free ventilation ducts will be installed by K Vent, a specialist ventilation company. “This building will bring people together to develop innovations for the future,” said Patrik Lamberth, Project Manager at Vectura. “With partners like Lindab, Skanska and SSAB, we can achieve our bold sustainability vision.”

The construction project represents a major milestone for the emerging fossil-free steel technology. As the first building to utilize products made from the revolutionary material, it serves as a pioneering model for sustainable design and construction using cutting-edge solutions.

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