Museum of Graffiti Announces the Grand Opening of a New Fine Art Gallery

The new art gallery from the founders of the Museum of Graffiti will feature an inaugural exhibition called “Graffiti Abstraction” showcasing works by a diverse group of global contemporary artists who began as street artists. The VIP grand opening celebration will partner with luxury wine brand Paso D’Oro and benefit the Erika Ender Heartlight Foundation, with artwork ranging from $5,000 to $150,000.

On May 11, 2024, Wynwood will become home to a brand new luxury art gallery from the founders of Museum of Graffiti. The gallery will open in a 3,700 square foot converted warehouse space located at 2521 NW 3rd Ave., adjacent to the Museum of Graffiti and its sister exhibition space the Art of Hip Hop. The gallery, once located around the corner from its new flagship location, was originally dubbed The Private Gallery as it started during the COVID-19 pandemic as a place for friends, family, and members of the Museum to collect art in a safe, private environment. The Private Gallery quickly earned a long list of celebrity clientele from Quest Love and Diplo to Miami’s own Pitbull because of its intimate nature and rare selection of original post-graffiti works. The gallery represents a diverse group of global contemporary artists who use a wide array of mediums and styles to create the work displayed. The inspiration and aesthetics of the artists differ greatly from one another, yet their backgrounds remain completely in the same vein: each artist has used the streets as a canvas for artistic output at a very early age.

In its opening exhibition entitled Graffiti Abstraction, the inspiration of the art ranges from Miami-based artist Gustavo Oviedo’s fascination for the Biscayne Bay to Los Angeles native Saber’s portrayal of the flashing lights he sees while experiencing grand mal seizures. Curators Allison Freidin and Alan Ket have traveled the world, attending museum shows and studio visits to select the artists for the inaugural exhibition which will include original works on paper, canvas, wood, and in sculpture form. Other artists in Graffiti Abstraction include MadC, Marti Sawe, Kaves, Niels Shoe Meulman, Sen2, Rime, Boris Tellegen, and Jel Martinez. The gallery will retain a “private” section that will house historical examples of works by the masters of the genre including Futura2000 and Rammellzee.

“We are honored to be bringing the most elevated form of the genre to the heart of Miami. Our growth over the past 4 years is not unique to us—the entire culture is bursting at the seams with innovation, and new opportunities as top level brands and collectors have poured millions of dollars into a once shunned art form. The old narrative that street artists are gang members has been flipped on its head to street artists becoming internationally celebrated geniuses. We are beyond grateful to our partners at Paso D’Oro for helping us take the gallery to the next level. This is a huge moment for the entire community and they made it possible.” said Allison Freidin, co-Founder of The Private Gallery.

The Grand Opening of The Private Gallery is by invitation only, and will give VIPs the first look at the new collection along with the opportunity to taste Paso D’ Oro Wines. Each bottle of Paso D’oro is sourced from the rich vineyards of Paso Robles, CA where the brand is renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Each pour truly embodies the essence of creativity, living up to its stunning blue and gold packaging.

A portion of the proceeds from art sales at the VIP celebration being donated to The Erika Ender Heartlight Foundation. Erika Ender, most known for her extensive catalog of awarded hits, including the global sensation “Despacito,” has long been a prominent philanthropist, especially in her native Panama. Her significant charitable work, including her notable TalenPro Project, has impacted over 40,000 individuals and earned a Guinness World Record. Her new foundation now extends her philanthropic reach to the United States in support of children’s rights, education, and nutrition.

Works will range from $5,000 – $150,000. Gallery hours are 11am – 6pm daily; for more information visit

Starting in 2020, the co-founders of the world-renown Museum of Graffiti began curating works for their own art private gallery to provide an opportunity for collectors to access works from the leading creators from within the street art, graffiti, and post-graffiti genre. In 2024, the gallery became open to the public for the first time. The gallery now boasts a robust selection of ultra-contemporary works that feature a wide array of mediums and styles. The inspiration and aesthetics of the artists differ greatly from one another, yet their backgrounds remain completely in the same vein: each artist has used the streets as a canvas for artistic output at a very early age.

Paso D’ Oro, a luxury wine brand from Paso Robles, California, specializes in regionally authentic Cabernet Sauvignon. Bold and well-balanced, its smooth, refined taste make it the perfect versatile red wine pairing for everything from steaks and burgers to hearty pastas. This wine is produced exclusively by the Terlato Family, a representation of an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence across every step of the winemaking process. The winemaker, Laura Orozco has almost a decade of experience crafting award winning Cabernet Sauvignon varietals in the Stag’s Leap District of the Napa Valley, and this is her first wine as Head Winemaker. The high-quality blend (v21) was recently awarded 92 points by Wine Enthusiast, and the packaging won “Best Wine Packaging” of the year by Beverage Dynamics. The artistry of Laura’s winemaking and blending process is similar to the fine art displayed by the Wynwood Gallery and our shared commitment to creativity and innovation make for a perfect pairing. We couldn’t be more delighted to be a part of the expansion of such a powerful place for artistic expression.

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