Uber and Spare Forge Transformative Partnership to Revolutionize Transportation Services

Uber and Spare Forge Transformative Partnership to Revolutionize Transportation Services

In a groundbreaking collaboration, transportation leaders Spare and Uber have joined forces to integrate Spare’s cloud-based on-demand transit platform with Uber’s extensive driver network. This game-changing partnership empowers transit agencies to enhance microtransit and paratransit services using Uber’s vast network. Already, successful large-scale deployments have been launched in Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), showcasing the immense potential of this innovative alliance.

“This marks a significant milestone in our mission to make transportation more accessible,” remarked Kristoffer Vik Hansen, CEO of Spare. “Through our partnership with Uber, we have been able to expand public transportation services to a wider audience. Witnessing the positive impact of our combined efforts at PSTA and DART is truly exciting.”

The integration of Uber into Spare’s platform, facilitated by Spare Open Fleets™ technology, equips transit agencies with real-time monitoring capabilities and a comprehensive view of their entire fleet. This industry-leading collaboration provides transit agencies with unparalleled flexibility in efficiently managing both peak and off-peak hours, a major leap forward in transit services.

“Uber and Spare are driving change together, working towards a more accessible future for all riders,” stated Jen Shepherd, General Manager of Uber Transit. “Our partnership with Spare has already yielded remarkable results, with PSTA strengthening their paratransit operations and DART significantly expanding their microtransit capacity.”

At PSTA, the partnership has paved the way for the launch of PSTA Mobility on Demand (MOD) service within the Spare platform. With PSTA MOD, ADA-eligible riders now have the convenience of booking on-demand rides whenever and wherever they need them.

“Our collaboration is transforming lives by providing greater mobility and independence. This partnership has injected a new dynamism into our transit services,” emphasized Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA. “Leveraging Uber’s network and Spare’s pioneering platform has enabled us to offer more convenient and flexible transportation options for our riders.”

Meanwhile, at DART, the partnership has enabled a significant expansion of their award-winning on-demand microtransit service, GoLink. Now operational from 5 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week, in over 30 zones, GoLink delivers over 2,000 rides per day.

“Our partnership with Uber and Spare has been a game-changer in our ongoing efforts to increase microtransit services across North Texas,” expressed Nadine Lee, President & CEO of DART. “We have seen firsthand the enhanced capacity and effectiveness of our GoLink service. The synergy between these two remarkable companies offers a promising glimpse into future opportunities for public transportation agencies.”

By integrating Uber into their services through Spare, transit agencies can substantially reduce operational costs. This strategic move eliminates the need for significant investments in additional fleets to meet capacity demands, resulting in more cost-effective transportation solutions. The Spare-Uber partnership optimizes resource utilization while ensuring that transit agencies can keep pace with the growing demand for services.

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