Navigating the Future of Mobile Entertainment: Looking Towards 2024 and Beyond

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The future of mobile entertainment is an ever-evolving landscape filled with innovative technologies and transformative trends. In this article, Max Kraynov, Group CEO of FunCorp, offers his expert predictions on the biggest game-changers set to disrupt the industry. From mind-interfacing apps to the proliferation of 5G, Kraynov provides an insightful look into the key developments that will redefine how we interact with mobile platforms.


In the dynamic landscape of mobile apps and the entertainment tech industry more broadly, ever-greater technological progress and evolving consumer expectations are shaping the future.

The need for convenience, speed and new thrills, coupled with an increasing ease of access to innovative AI-based tools are changing mobile entertainment in real time. The following is my list of industry game-changers to watch in 2024 and further into the future, as they are set to change the way we interact with mobile technology and with one another as a result.

Augmented Reality (AR) to Upgrade the Everyday

Augmented Reality (AR), once confined to the realms of gaming and entertainment, holds untapped potential in a much wider array of everyday tasks. From virtual try-ons while shopping to real-time guidance in navigation apps, the integration of AR into practical applications is poised to redefine user engagement. This vision aligns with both unconventional and mainstream expectations, emphasising the transformative power of AR in enhancing daily experiences.

Mind-Interfacing Apps: Revolutionising Interaction

Imagine controlling mobile apps with the power of your thoughts—a concept that pushes the boundaries of user interaction. The notion of mind-interfacing applications opens doors to a new dimension, where the very act of thinking becomes a means of navigating digital experiences. This unconventional possibility, while futuristic, reflects a potential paradigm shift in how users engage with entertainment tech.

Emotional Intelligence Integration: Resonating on a Deeper Level

Moving beyond mere functionality, the integration of emotional intelligence into apps is a vision that resonates deeply and has the potential of providing an answer to the critics of cold and impersonal tech. Picture apps that respond to users’ emotions, creating experiences that go far beyond the surface of entertainment. I can foresee a future where apps become attuned to the user’s emotional state, offering much more personalised content delivery, dynamic interfaces based on mood, and functionalities that enhance emotional well-being.

Continued Growth of Mobile Commerce (mCommerce): Redefining Shopping

The trajectory of mobile commerce continues to ascend, reshaping how users engage with digital marketplaces. As smartphones become the go-to platform for shopping, the industry focuses on enhancing and gamifying mobile commerce experiences. This established trend reflects a user preference for seamless, secure, and engaging transactions, underscoring the pivotal role of entertainment tech in shaping the future of e-commerce.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Bridging Web and Mobile Experiences

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) represent a bridge between the web and mobile apps, offering experiences that allow users to move between desktop sites and mobiles apps easily and seamlessly. This innovation signifies a departure from conventional app structures, emphasising fluid user interactions. Supported by Google, the front-end technology aims at delivering a high level of performance regardless of device or network condition. This is achieved by enhancing PWAs with native-app qualities that are reliable, fast, and engaging. The industry’s recognition of PWAs as a transformative force underscores the need for adaptive and responsive app experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

User Privacy and Security: A Cornerstone of Trust

In an era of increasing digital concerns, the prediction of heightened focus on user privacy and security is not just a trend but a fundamental necessity. As users become more conscious of data protection, the industry’s commitment to safeguarding user information becomes paramount. Trust, a cornerstone of user relationships, is built on stringent security measures, setting high standards for ethical and responsible use of entertainment tech.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Transformative Forces

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are not mere buzzwords; they are transformative forces shaping the future of mobile apps. The industry’s commitment to intelligent automation, personalised recommendations, and predictive analytics echoes the recognition of AI’s potential in creating intuitive and adaptive app functionalities. As user expectations evolve, the integration of AI and ML becomes instrumental in providing enhanced and personalised experiences.

Expansion of 5G Technology: The Need For Speed

In 2024 and beyond, the spread of 5G technology will revolutionise how we interact with mobile apps. This advancement in connectivity will bring with it lightning-fast download and upload speeds, near instantaneous responsiveness, and a significant increase in network capacity. It will also mean that demands for strong encryption, authentication, and regulatory protocols to safeguard personal data and crucial infrastructure will become even more important. I believe that the proliferation of this technology will usher in an exciting and transformative period that reshapes the digital terrain and establishes new benchmarks for mobile app development.

In essence, the future of the entertainment tech and mobile apps industry is an ever-evolving canvas of innovation made up of a continuation of established trends as well as new and revolutionary concepts emerging on the horizon. At FunCorp, we are continuing to navigate this landscape where established trends meet unconventional predictions to shape a dynamic and vibrant future for mobile platforms. Together, we push boundaries, foster connections, and redefine the art of entertainment—a journey that embodies the essence of user-centric digital experiences.

The goal of our brands, like the iFunny platform for meme lovers, isn’t merely to entertain but to craft apps that seamlessly integrate into users’ lives. The longer term future we envision encompasses mind-interfacing apps, emotionally aware interfaces, and AI companions coexisting, shaping meaningful user experiences and enhancing lives every day.

About the author

Max Kraynov is the Group CEO of FunCorp, a developer of mobile entertainment technology. He is a serial tech entrepreneur and an advisor to XOCUS, a VR game developer, and NeuroDive, a healthtech startup.

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