Ponies North Launches Groundbreaking Initiative Addressing Veteran Suicide and Mustang Crisis

Ponies North Launches Groundbreaking Initiative Addressing Veteran Suicide and Mustang Crisis

Ponies North, a pioneering venture led by the esteemed CEO and President of Ponies North Inc., Jeff Pappas, is poised to step into the limelight, drawing national attention to the pressing crisis of veteran suicide and the precarious situation of thousands of wild mustangs on federal lands. This initiative transcends mere awareness; it is a proactive endeavor to rescue both veterans and mustangs through an innovative equine therapy program fostering a positive, mutually beneficial relationship.

In a troubling statistic, veterans experience a suicide rate 57% higher than the general population. In 2021 alone, a tragic 8,000 veterans took their own lives. Concurrently, over 40,000 mustangs face an uncertain future, desperately requiring permanent homes. Despite over 50,000 veteran service organizations and 95,000 animal service groups in the United States, veterans and mustangs remain underserved, unknown, and at risk. The persistent question looms – why do we continue to lose so many valuable lives each year?

As a non-profit organization, Ponies North has been tasked with addressing this crisis through an equine therapy program, utilizing rescued and adopted mustangs to support veterans on their journey to recovery and rehabilitation. This program not only provides veterans with an opportunity to connect with these majestic creatures but also forges a therapeutic bond that can be transformative.

Jeff Pappas, a seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive executive history across multiple growth brands spanning over three decades, is the visionary force behind Ponies North. His commitment to advocating for veterans’ well-being is evident in his previous collaboration with NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris for Soldiers Angels, an organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families.

In late 2020, Jeff published “Ponies West,” a compelling narrative recounting his 1986 cross-country horseback journey with his best friend Chet, garnering two prestigious book awards. Additionally, he is a member of The Long Riders Guild, a globally recognized group known for their long-distance riding expeditions.

Ponies North’s equine therapy operates year-round and is the sole program of its kind in the United States. While a similar program exists, it operates for only two months, underscoring the exceptional dedication of Jeff Pappas and his team. Their overarching objective is to establish their ranch, rescuing and adopting 1000 mustangs annually, impacting and saving the lives of 500 veterans each year. This culminates in a nine-year planning journey and close collaboration with horses, stemming from a lifelong passion. The goal is to transition the proven success of the equine therapy program into full-time, year-round implementation, offering veterans the necessary support and mustangs the homes they deserve.

They fervently encourage readers to champion the cause of saving veterans’ lives and rescuing and adopting some of the 40,000 mustangs currently held in BLM adoption pens. With the journey documented as a docuseries, Ponies North hopes readers will follow their expedition and extend support on social media. The 100-day journey from Mexico to Canada promises adventure and a transformative experience for all involved.

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