Recognition Leader: Workhuman Tops Competition for Best Employee Appreciation Software

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Ease of Use and Quality of Support were the highest rated criteria among competition, reinforcing leadership position in the market

Appreciation in the workplace is invaluable, and Workhuman knows it best. The leader in employee recognition software has done it again, coming out on top in G2’s latest report. Workhuman clinched the #1 spot for Enterprise Employee Recognition this winter, thanks to rave reviews from its loyal customers. For over 20 years, Workhuman has pioneered social recognition, helping companies revolutionize their cultures. Now, users say Workhuman’s software creates “a cross-company culture of gratitude” with its easy-to-use platform. Keep reading to learn why customers rate Workhuman 5 out of 5 stars and how its innovative solutions lead to real ROI through lower turnover and higher engagement. Workhuman proves recognition transforms workplaces – and the proof is in its #1 ranking.

For over 20 years, Workhuman has revolutionised the employee experience for enterprise businesses worldwide – and its customers agree. In fact, a large majority of Workhuman users rate the company 5 out of 5 stars. Workhuman’s leadership status is also reflected in the more than 30 additional honours the company received in G2’s winter reports, being prominently featured in the Performance Management, Career Management, and Employee Engagement categories.

One Workhuman user says that Workhuman creates “a cross-company culture of gratitude”, stating: “My favourite thing about using Workhuman Social Recognition is that it allows our employees to recognise other employees outside of their own departments. Previously, we had department-specific recognition programmes that didn’t allow employees to reward one another when working cross-departmentally. I also love that Workhuman Social Recognition is peer-recognition focused, which allows employees (especially individual contributors) to receive recognition and rewards directly from those they are working most closely with on projects rather than having to rely on someone sharing praise with their leader that maybe translates to additional recognition from the top down.”

“Workhuman is constantly innovating to evolve the future of work, working with our customers to cultivate magnetic workplace cultures through the power of recognition,” said Zoe Peterson-Ward, Workhuman Chief Customer Officer. “Our Social Recognition solution is highly configurable and when utilised strategically and in line with best practices, is proven to drive true business impact. The power of recognition and gratitude in the workplace can and should be felt at all levels, from CEOs to entry-level employees. It’s fantastic that our customers who ranked us on G2 feel the impact.”

G2 is a leading and trusted review site used by more than 90 million people annually—including employees at all Fortune 500 companies—to make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. G2 has ratings for over 145,000 software providers across 2,100 categories – including Employee Recognition, and those ratings can be trusted because only 100% validated reviews, written by real users are included.

Workhuman’s Social Recognition solution is more than a simple way to say “thank you.” It’s a data-powered, science-backed tool that revitalises workplaces and leads to real ROI for businesses. In fact, companies that partner with Workhuman can see the transformative power of recognition through lower employee turnover, higher employee engagement and satisfaction scores. In addition, employees get the emotional connection they need to thrive at work, like feelings of belonging and appreciation, all with a platform that is intuitive, rewarding, and fun.

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