Semiconductor Leadership Group Urges Closer Collaboration with UK Government to Strengthen Industry Ecosystem

The Semiconductor Leadership Group, comprising top executives from across the UK semiconductor industry, has called for closer cooperation between the government and industry to establish a sustainable and prosperous ecosystem within the sector. Supported by the Techworks Deep Tech Trade Association, the group aims to identify and promote the strengths and opportunities in the UK semiconductor industry while offering expert advice and recommendations to inform policies that can generate positive impacts.

Headed by Techworks CEO Charles Sturman, the group consists of prominent leaders from renowned tech firms such as Bourns, McLaren, Paragraf, Plessey, Pragmatic, and XMOS. In a recently published paper, the group commended the UK Government Semiconductor Strategy as a crucial initiative to invigorate this strategically important sector. However, it emphasized the need for the government to collaborate more closely with industry in shaping policies that foster long-term sustainability and success across the entire value chain, spanning research, innovation, design, product engineering, manufacturing, and end-market consumption.

The paper presented several support measures and highlighted key issues that must be addressed to unlock the true potential of the UK semiconductor industry. The executives stressed that semiconductor devices underpin all major technology trends today, including artificial intelligence, future telecommunications, quantum technologies, space exploration, achieving net zero emissions, extended reality, and the emerging concept of the metaverse. Globally, the semiconductor device market is projected to surpass $1 trillion by 2030. While the UK hosts numerous companies involved in the sector, many require assistance to compete effectively on the global stage.

Charles Sturman, Chair of the Techworks Semiconductor Leadership Group, stated, “We established this group in response to industry demands, enabling cross-sector debates and discussions while presenting a unified voice. We appreciate the government’s focus on the semiconductor industry and the recently published strategy. However, the emphasis on early-stage innovation, design, and IP creation only encompasses a subset of the industry, necessitating further support to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem with substantial UK expertise, talent, and collaboration across industries.”

Sturman emphasized that no country has developed a robust semiconductor sector without government backing. He believes that the UK possesses a unique opportunity to establish a globally competitive semiconductor industry that contributes significant value to the national economy. Nonetheless, achieving this goal requires ongoing dialogue between industry and government, coupled with a long-term perspective on success.

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