Utimaco and KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik Collaborate to Deliver Next-Generation Automotive Security Solutions

Headline: Utimaco and KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik Collaborate to Deliver Next-Generation Automotive Security Solutions

In an era marked by growing concerns over cybersecurity threats in the automotive industry, Utimaco, a prominent global IT security solutions provider, has joined forces with KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik, a leading automotive supplier, to develop a groundbreaking Automotive Vault solution. This innovative collaboration aims to address the pressing need for advanced key management and enterprise-grade cybersecurity systems within vehicles and their supporting software ecosystem.

By adhering to established standards such as ISO 21434 and UNECE WP.29 R155, Utimaco and KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik strive to establish a common language for effective communication and management of cybersecurity risks. The focal point of their joint effort lies in the significance of robust key management. Leveraging Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates, which keep Electronic Control Units (ECUs) up to date, the partners aim to fortify vehicle defenses against malicious activities, such as the infiltration of spyware, malware, or manipulated software that could impact thousands of vehicles. Employing asymmetric encryption for in-car communication further enhances the security of the vehicles, safeguarding against counterfeit updates.

Device attestation emerges as another critical aspect in ensuring vehicle security. This process enables individual devices to verify their authenticity, a pivotal requirement in automotive settings where trust is paramount.

The Automotive Vault solution, developed jointly by Utimaco and and KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik, provides Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a comprehensive Life Cycle Management System that offers a range of benefits and safeguards. This groundbreaking solution empowers OEMs to:

– Pass audits as mandated by UNECE WP.29, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and bolstering their reputation for adhering to stringent cybersecurity standards.

– Shield against counterfeit parts and mitigate liability claims from clients. By establishing a more secure and transparent supply chain, the Automotive Vault solution thwarts the infiltration of fraudulent components, reducing the risk of safety incidents and legal repercussions.

– Safeguard products from software tampering by preventing unauthorized changes within vehicles. This added layer of security helps maintain the integrity and safety of the vehicle’s systems, enhancing overall reliability.

– Seamlessly integrate a reliable standard solution that caters to multiple use cases. The Automotive Vault solution offers a versatile approach, accommodating the diverse needs of OEMs and providing them with a robust and scalable security framework.

– Ensure efficient data transfer between KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik’s plants and OEMs’ facilities to meet production line requirements. Streamlining data exchange contributes to optimized manufacturing processes, directly impacting product costs and operational efficiency.

For KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik, embracing agility and cost-effectiveness while minimizing disruption to business operations is of paramount importance. By proactively adopting new cybersecurity requirements, they aim to gain a competitive edge, allowing OEMs to produce modern and safer vehicles.

Priyank Kumar, Senior Director Automotive & Manufacturing at Utimaco, emphasized their commitment to creating trust and boosting security levels in the automotive sector. By implementing device attestation, secure boot, software signing, and secure in-vehicle communication, Utimaco’s cyber security solutions contribute to meeting industry standards. Kumar expressed pride in partnering with KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik to provide a market-leading solution tailored to the specific needs of Car OEMs.

Dominik Preikschat, Cybersecurity Architect at KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik, highlighted their unwavering dedication to delivering the highest level of security to their customers. As one of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers, KOSTAL recognizes the criticality of cybersecurity in protecting present and future vehicles from cyber threats. Preikschat emphasized their proactive approach to cybersecurity, employing comprehensive security measures and partnering with trusted experts like Utimaco to ensure the necessary protection for their products and customers. By adhering to rigorous security protocols, KOSTAL Automobil Elektrik strives to meet the highest cybersecurity standards and maintain the trust of their valued customers.

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