Stirling Distillery Makes History With First Whisky in 171 Years

Stirling Distillery Makes History With First Whisky in 171 Years

For the first time in 171 years, whisky is being produced again in the Scottish city of Stirling.

Stirling Distillery has announced that it had filled its first cask with new make spirit, marking a historic moment for the distillery and the city. The last time whisky was distilled in Stirling was in 1852 when the original Stirling Distillery ceased operations.

“I’m proud of how we have evolved as a business and excited about our new make spirit,” said Cameron McCann, co-founder of Stirling Distillery. “It has a great soft flavor with a fair bit of maltiness. We’re all looking forward to seeing how this matures in our casks.”

The distillery plans to release its first whisky in late 2026, after letting the spirit age for at least three years in oak casks. For whisky enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the first bottles, Stirling Distillery is offering a limited number of spots in an exclusive cask club.

For £350, members will receive a six-bottle collection called the VI Casks for King James as well as first access to future whisky releases. Only 300 sets of this rare whisky collection will be available, with releases scheduled every two years starting in 2027.

Stirling Distillery opened in 2019, initially focusing on award-winning gin production before expanding into whisky. The distillery began laying the groundwork for whisky two years ago with the launch of an independent bottling range called Sons of Scotland.

“We’re grateful to everyone who has invested in our whisky journey so far,” said Mr. McCann.

With its first cask now filled, Stirling Distillery is celebrating an important milestone as it works to revive the city’s centuries-old whisky tradition. If the initial taste is any indication, whisky lovers can expect a gentle, malty spirit that captures the essence of the Lowlands region, according to Mr. McCann.

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