Sweden Builds Global Hub for Sustainable Food Innovation

Sweden Builds Global Hub for Sustainable Food Innovation

Sweden Foodtech together with Gastronord and Stockholmsmässan are building a global meeting place for the future with a focus on sustainability and innovation with an international touch. The cooperation’s first impact will be 9–11 April 2024 when Sweden Foodtech’s leading foodtech conference “Big Meet” moves to Gastronord, the Nordics’ largest fair for the professional food sector.

Gastronord recently announced that food, drink and new trends are the key words for Gastronord 2024. With completely new program items, stage performances and competitions, Gastronord is expected to be next year’s most important fair for the industry. The goal is to jointly build one of the world’s leading meeting places within the ongoing transformation of the global food system with a focus on sustainability and innovation – two Swedish areas of strength.

When Sweden Foodtech’s conference “Big Meet” moves into Gastronord 2024 means that one of the world’s leading food tech conferences will share a roof with one of Northern Europe’s leading food fairs.

– Today, Sweden has an obvious place on the gastronomic world map and we at the Stockholm fair creates conditions for the industry to meet and develop. Apart from the gastronomic experience as such, the industry is an important step into the labor market for many young people. We are a social actor and an accelerator in many different industries and therefore we are extremely positive about this long period investment to create the global meeting place for the food of the future, says Camilla Hållbro, CCO Stockholmsmässan.

Big Meet’s appreciated exhibition will now be part of Gastronord, and the innovative “test kitchen” – where future products from all over the world are tested by leading chefs– will be available both to fair visitors and conference participants.

During the Big Meet, leading entrepreneurs, researchers, chefs and investors from all over the world highlight how tech, data and innovation contribute to the necessary transformation of the food system towards a more sustainable and healthy society. The idea is to develop Stockholm as a leading international arena for the ongoing transformation of the global food system – in the direction of health and sustainability, with innovation, new insights and extensive contact creation as tools.

– We will always strive towards the future and create change by showcasing the world’s most interesting entrepreneurs, chefs, researchers, investors, business ideas and food innovations for increased sustainability and health. Since 2016, Big Meet has put over 700 of the world’s leading thinkers in the next generation food scene on stage and has established itself as one of the leading (and definitely the most entertaining) food tech conferences in the world, with visitors from far and beyond. We see it as a match made in heaven to collaborate with Stockholmsmässan/Stockholm fair around this issue, says Johan Jörgensen, world-renowned expert on food tech and also founder of Sweden Foodtech.

During its nearly forty active years, Gastronord has worked to connect actors within hotels, restaurants and catering to discuss industry-important issues, meet exhibitors and take part in new knowledge.

– At Gastronord you will experience the future of Swedish food. We will make sure that we jointly create the world’s best platform for all market players to be a part of this sustainable changeover. We look forward to a long-term collaboration where we together create the global meeting place for the food of the future, says Monika Johannesen, project manager Gastronord.

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