Tech Company HiQ Renews Partnership with Women in Tech Sweden

Tech Company HiQ Renews Partnership with Women in Tech Sweden

HiQ, a leading tech consultancy company in the Nordic region, has announced it will continue its partnership with Women in Tech Sweden (WITS) for the third year in a row, extending throughout 2024. The collaboration aims to contribute to a more gender-equal tech industry in Sweden.

As part of the partnership, HiQ will participate in WITS’s annual #WITswe2024 conference on April 17th in Stockholm. The conference, the largest tech conference in Scandinavia with over 20,000 members, provides inspiration, networking, and support for women pursuing technology careers. This year’s theme is “Connect, Create, Innovate: Crafting Tech with Human Essence,” focusing on collaboration, innovation and the human side of technology.

“It’s a natural decision to continue our collaboration with Women in Tech Sweden. The partnership provides us with a platform to collectively contribute to an even more inclusive industry and, not least, to continue discussing and evolving in our gender equality efforts,” said Samuel Skott, CEO of HiQ, in an official statement.

Skott emphasized the need for the tech industry to be attractive and accessible to all candidates regardless of background. He framed it as both a social responsibility issue and a talent recruitment issue.

Helena Herolf, Chief People Officer at HiQ, echoed the commitment to diversity and inclusion. “Continuing to recruit and retain more women remains a key priority for HiQ, and our diversity and gender equality efforts are ongoing,” she said.

Herolf cited the company’s role in educating and influencing behaviors and processes industry-wide to create sustainable change over time. Women currently represent around 30 percent of HiQ’s 900+ employees spread across five countries.

Åsa Johansen, Director of Women in Tech Sweden, welcomed HiQ’s continued partnership. “It’s so important that we do this together. Working towards prioritizing efforts to create teams with greater diversity. Because we know it helps us develop better and smarter services and products,” she said.

HiQ, founded in 1995, delivers advanced technology consulting services to a wide range of industries. The company has won numerous awards for its workplace culture. Women in Tech Sweden, founded in 2012, has evolved from a single annual event to a year-round platform supporting women in the Swedish tech sector.

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