Europa Worldwide Group Emphasizes UK Land Bridge as Optimal Route for Post-Brexit Trade between Ireland and EU

Image shows Dartford's 1Hub

In a bid to remind companies of the most effective option for transporting goods between Ireland and the EU post-Brexit, Dartford-headquartered Europa Worldwide Group has reaffirmed the viability of the UK land bridge. Despite recent changes in border check regulations, Europa believes its approach to international goods movement remains a robust choice for manufacturers.

Andrew Baxter, CEO of Europa Worldwide Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring seamless export, import, and transit services for businesses in Ireland since the announcement of Brexit. Europa has made substantial investments in supporting its Irish-based customers and recently launched a new Money Back Guarantee service for European Road Freight shipments, promising full refunds if shipments fail to arrive on time.

Baxter noted that some Irish firms sought to bypass the land bridge through the UK due to concerns about additional administration and opted to transport goods directly from Ireland to EU ports. The Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) conducted research revealing a decline of up to 20 percent in traffic via this route compared to pre-Brexit levels. To accommodate this shift, many shipping companies have added extra crossings to their schedules. However, Baxter argued that this alternative method is significantly slower and potentially more expensive, as Europa Road enables customers to transport goods via the UK just as swiftly and efficiently as before Brexit.

Highlighting the importance of stability and reliability in service, Baxter stressed that logistics companies must provide financial reassurance. He explained that Europa’s 1Hub in Dartford, the largest groupage hub in the UK, offers the most cost-efficient way for Irish companies to transport goods to mainland Europe. The company’s Money Back Guarantee is applicable to this route due to the speed and consistency of transit times.

Europa operates daily services inbound from Dublin to Holyhead, facilitating the transport of approximately 300 trailers of goods per year across the Irish Sea. Baxter concluded by affirming that Europa is well-positioned to ensure the smooth flow of goods for customers throughout Europe, regardless of any future changes in border checks.

Europa Road, a division of Europa Worldwide Group, provides industry-leading European road freight services and operates the largest European groupage hub in Dartford. The company’s extensive network of local sales branches across the UK and Ireland manages shipments into Dartford, connecting with daily direct services to 30 continental hubs.

As an ambitious independent logistics operator, Europa Worldwide Group comprises three divisions: Europa Road, Europa Air & Sea, and Europa Warehouse. The company has been featured in The Sunday Times Top Track 250 for three consecutive years. Europa has invested £5 million in Europa Flow, an innovative product designed to ensure frictionless goods flow between the EU and the UK post-Brexit. With over 1,400 employees and 29 international sites in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and the UAE, Europa recently reported a record turnover of £302 million for the last 12 months as of August 2022, remaining on track with its ambitious investment program.

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