Zacapa’s Soulful Sip: Rum Brand Unveils Evocative New Global Campaign


In the verdant, lush landscape of Guatemala, Zacapa’s home, lays our magical “House Above the Clouds,” Zacapa’s aging facility located in the mountains 2,300 meters above sea level. It’s a place where a multitude of barrels age under the careful watch of Lorena Vásquez, one of the few female master blenders in the world of spirits. When Lorena determines that the rums are aged to perfection, hand-selected barrels are meticulously blended before traveling to Mixco to be poured into Zacapa’s signature curved bottle, which is wrapped with handwoven bands of Petate by a community of over 700 women.

The first sip of Zacapa leaves a lasting impression – taking you on a journey from that initial taste of our delicious liquid to the feeling you experience as you continue to discover the stories and layers that have created breathtaking beauty. It is that feeling of discovery and elevation that inspired Zacapa’s first-ever global creative campaign, “Lips to Soul”, inviting consumers to discover a world of warmth and wonderment. A world that sparks the senses, triggers the imagination and makes you fall in love with the award-winning, one-of-a-kind liquid experience that is Zacapa.

Evocative and vibrant, the intimate tone of Zacapa’s bilingual “Lips to Soul” campaign was made to respond to the yearning for depth that consumers are craving from the world of luxury. Rhythmic poetry draws consumers into the highly sensorial film inspired by the lush, dreamy landscape of Guatemala. The film cinematically captures the way Zacapa is aged above the clouds, as well as our weavers’ hands at work, representing how important community is to the core of Zacapa. The campaign reflects the magic and history of Zacapa’s brand roots, weaving together an energetic narrative that creates deep connection, and unlocks a sense of awe and wonder through discovery.

“We’re thrilled to be sharing this new global campaign – it’s a huge moment for our brand. With the fast-paced nature of work culture to lifestyle shifts, we are starting to see a powerful movement amongst consumers towards seeking the pleasure that comes from deeper connections and luxurious experiences. With this campaign we wanted to tap into this desire for depth and bring to life that instant sensorial connection that people feel when they try our rum. We believe there is no greater feeling than that of being surprised by experiences that capture our imaginations and spark a sense of wonder – and that’s what we set out to achieve.”

“We want to redefine the world of dark spirits; taking the brand into a more contemporary and bold space that brings to life the flavour versatility and depth of Zacapa. Our choice of colour grading, light and poetic sensibility throughout the creative concepts are designed to take you on this sensorial journey.” said Niamh Burns, Global Marketing Director of Zacapa at Diageo.

The “Lips to Soul” campaign was created in partnership with New York-based luxury creative agency forceMAJEURE, supported by The Whale productions, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Caroline Koning. The campaign will roll out in markets around the world, marking the largest globally-led campaign in Zacapa’s history. The campaign will be supported through a robust marketing mix of arresting digital OOH, TV in select markets, paid social (primarily Facebook and Instagram), PR and events.

Zacapa reminds consumers 18+ to please sip responsibly. For additional information on Zacapa Rum, visit Stay up to date on “Lips To Soul” by following the brand on Facebook and Instagram @zacaparum.

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