AI Assistants and Multimodal Systems: New Tools to Help Manage Our Limited Attention

Photo by Tianyi Ma

Attention spans in the digital age are shorter than ever before. Brands and users alike struggle to capture precious attention in a world filled with endless distractions. But AI may offer a solution, writes Konstantin Tarasov, Head of Communications and Partnerships at Wonderslide. In his latest piece, Konstantin explores how developments in artificial intelligence can help users and businesses better manage attention in an increasingly oversaturated world.

In today’s digital world, attention has become a valuable commodity. Companies from all over the world are spending more and more resources in an effort to attract — and keep — your precious attention. Those efforts are made infinitely more difficult by our ever-dwindling attention spans, which are fueled by the constantly growing number of distractions we face every day. But the amount of pointless notifications to swipe away will only continue to grow, and attention is an increasingly finite resource.

Thankfully, the recent developments in AI have given both brands and users a second wind in their quest for managing attention. And in 2024, they will continue to capitalize on the new opportunities that came with AI:

  • AI assistants like ChatGPT, Bard, or Amazon’s Q will continue getting better and even more useful. Mundane tasks that could often take up a full day can now be completed much faster, freeing up a lot of brain real estate, and with it — attention
  • AI text-to-image models, like DALL-E, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, help improve the quality and appeal of marketing materials, create deeply personalized content and thereby increase engagement, and in some cases allows for lower production costs
  • Multimodal AI systems, which are able to analyze not only text, but also images and video, will open up a slew of new possibilities for companies to explore in regards to managing users’ attention
  • Finally, AI models that generate videos and music from simple text prompts will completely change the advertising landscape for years to come

All of this carries tremendous implications for the world of business as we know it today. For many decades, big companies have enjoyed a quasi-monopoly on what we would consider “good” marketing. A new sneaker company, for example, will have a hard time competing with Nike, whose marketing budget is larger than the operating budgets of most sneaker startups. But with these emerging tools, the cost to produce an impactful ad will be reduced dramatically, allowing small brands to tell their stories just as effectively as the big ones. And telling an authentic story is an essential part to most brands’ success in this oversaturated market.

But it goes far beyond that. AI has made it possible to create tools that will help not only to sell goods to consumers, but also to create and package ideas and concepts themselves to clients and decision-makers. It is no secret that the lion’s share of time expenditures of marketing agencies and individual specialists fall on the development and defense of advertising ideas and marketing concepts. This, as most will agree, is an essential part of the job. Winning (and keeping) attention at this stage is incredibly valuable. And here too, AI can come to the marketer’s aid.

The main tool for selling ideas, including marketing ideas, and presentations.

With the help of Wonderslide, an AI-powered presentation maker, you can create a spectacular presentation from a simple draft with just a few mouse clicks.

At the heart of Wonderslide is a complex of custom-built neural networks that analyze and structure your content, applying graphic and visual elements on-the-fly. These neural networks have been trained on smart templates created by professional graphic designers, leveraging various design principles to make your presentations not just beautiful, but also clean and engaging. And the built-in LLM helps refine the textual content and highlight the most important bits to attract attention to.

As we enter into the age of attention management, having your ideas presented the right way becomes increasingly important. Being able to have it done in less than a minute is yet another in the long list of amazing use cases for AI.

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