8th Wonder Cannabis Unveils Lil Bit seltzer – A Refreshing Addition to their Line of THC Beverages

Lil Bit CBD

8th Wonder Cannabis, the trailblazing cannabis beverage company, is set to introduce “Lil Bit” to its rapidly expanding array of canned cannabis beverages. Developed as a gateway into the flourishing world of cannabis, Lil Bit is a hemp-derived THC seltzer boasting a low dose and fast-acting formula that promises mild and delightful effects per single can serving. The slim and short design of the can and its fruity, bubbly, and buzz-inducing nature make it the perfect choice for a quick pre-workout fix, post-pickleball cooldown, or leisurely poolside relaxation.

With the initial launch featuring two delectable flavors – Cherry Limeade and CannaBerry – these non-alcoholic 7.5 fl. oz. drinks are highly approachable, containing just 2 mg of THC in each can. Since the merger of Bayou City Hemp and 8th Wonder, the dedicated team has been diligently crafting new, high-quality products that cater to consumers with diverse cannabis usage levels and tolerance. Lil Bit’s low THC dose ensures that most consumers can responsibly enjoy multiple cans, allowing them to reach their desired state of euphoria in a controlled manner. Moreover, for newcomers to the world of cannabis, Lil Bit offers a comfortable introduction to the experience.

Lil Bit proudly joins the ranks of its sibling-seltzers, including the popular Wonder Water, Trillionaire, Beach Break, and HOWDY. As the summer temperatures soar, these beverages become an ideal choice, best served cold and enjoyed with friends. 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp strongly advocate for responsible consumption, reminding customers that Lil Bit and other cannabis seltzers contain hemp-derived THC and may potentially yield a positive result on drug tests.

Ryan Soroka, the Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, expressed his excitement about Lil Bit’s debut, stating, “We think we hit the ball out of the park with our other THC seltzers, but we wanted to develop another drink with a lower dose of THC in a smaller can format that would allow consumers to enjoy a few over a drinking session. If your buddy brings a six-pack of 8th Wonder beer over to watch the game, you can responsibly keep up with a few Lil Bit cans.”

Ben Meggs, the Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the significance of Lil Bit’s introduction, saying, “Bringing THC beverages to consumers is great, but it’s made even better when we can offer delicious, high-quality flavors and options for all to try, enjoy, and share. We’re ecstatic to get Lil Bit out to bars, restaurants, and select package stores throughout Houston, Austin, DFW, and San Antonio through Flood Distribution.”

With Lil Bit’s arrival, 8th Wonder Cannabis solidifies its commitment to meeting the diverse demands of the growing cannabis market while ensuring a delightful and inclusive experience for all consumers. Keep an eye out for Lil Bit at local retailers and drinking establishments, as enthusiasts across Texas eagerly await the chance to experience the latest addition to the 8th Wonder family.

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