California Beauty Supplier Leads Industry in Sustainable Packaging

California Beauty Supplier Leads Industry in Sustainable Packaging

As consumer demand for sustainability accelerates, clean beauty brands are seeking innovative green packaging solutions.  Indiana-based Genie Supply, a leader in custom clean beauty manufacturing, is pioneering the industry’s shift to more eco-friendly packaging.

Genie Supply’s Commitment to Sustainability

Genie Supply formulates, manufactures, and packages custom beauty products for entrepreneurs and indie brands. With a focus on “clean” ingredients and ethical business practices, Genie Supply aims to minimize environmental impacts across its operations.

“Sustainability is core to our identity,” says CEO Megan Cox. “From sourcing to manufacturing, we strive to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions while empowering our clients to make sustainable choices.”

PCR Packaging Manufactured In-House

Reducing single-use plastics is a priority. Genie Supply now manufactures its own post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging, made domestically with 50% recycled plastic. This includes bottles, jars, tubes, and components.

“By controlling packaging production in-house, we can ensure quality while meeting sustainability goals,” Cox explains. “Our clients appreciate a more eco-friendly packaging option as consumer demand grows.”

Additional Sustainable Packaging Initiatives

Beyond PCR, Genie Supply takes a multi-pronged approach to improving sustainability:

  • Eliminating excess packaging: Secondary cartons are avoided when possible. Packaging is lightweight and minimalist by design.
  • Responsible materials sourcing: Genie Supply utilizes suppliers compliant with sustainability standards and certified materials whenever feasible.
  • Innovating clean formulations: Products feature naturally-derived, upcycled and biodegradable ingredients to minimize environmental impacts after use.
  • Providing recycling guidance: Labels indicate proper end-of-life disposal instructions to consumers.
  • Using Exclusively Biodegradable Materials to Eliminate Shipping Waste: All shipments from the company include biodegradable boxes, tape, tissue, stickers, eco “bubble” wrap and baggies.

“We aim to be a valuable partner for clean beauty brands pursuing sustainability across the entire product life cycle,” Cox says. “There is always room for improvement, but we are committed to continuous progress.”

Industry Leadership in Clean Beauty

Genie Supply’s proactive stance on sustainability builds on its reputation as an industry leader in the clean beauty space. The company holds itself to stringent internal standards that meet or exceed the most respected clean beauty certifications.

“We empower clients to determine what clean means for their brand,” Cox explains. “Then we innovate, formulate and manufacture to those unique specifications.”

This flexibility and transparency allow Genie Supply to produce customized clean beauty products at scale for diverse brands with very different ingredient restrictions. Their expertise facilitates the rapid growth of indie-clean beauty companies.

“By combining sustainability and clean beauty leadership, we enable entrepreneurs to make their positive impact on the industry,” says Cox.

The Future of Sustainable Beauty

As the market evolves, Genie Supply will continue driving innovation in green formulations and packaging. Areas of focus include:

  • Expanding PCR packaging across their catalog
  • Developing new biodegradable formulas
  • Implementing upcycled ingredients
  • Tapping biotech for enhanced plant-based formulations
  • Implementing water and energy conservation at their facility
  • Researching other emerging green technologies

“The future of beauty will be sustainable,” Cox asserts. “Genie Supply is committed to pushing sustainability forward to set the standard for the next generation of clean beauty.”

With consumers and regulators demanding greener products, Genie Supply’s proactive approach positions them as an ideal innovation partner. Their in-house capabilities and expertise empower entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven, clean beauty brands that walk the talk on sustainability.



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