EasyBot Revolutionizes Patient Communication in Healthcare Management

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EasyBot, INTechHouse’s advanced Medical Voicebot, is transforming healthcare management by proactively reaching out to patients, reducing missed appointments, and enhancing operational efficiency, offering a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced in patient communication and appointment management in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare, despite its advancements, faces significant challenges in patient communication and appointment management. The primary mode of contact remains the telephone, which comes with its own set of challenges. Overburdened staff and a high volume of calls often lead to missed connections. These missed calls translate into missed opportunities and operational challenges.

Another challenge is the task of confirming appointments. With staff juggling multiple responsibilities, appointment confirmations can sometimes be overlooked. This oversight results in a domino effect: unconfirmed appointments lead to no-shows, which in turn lead to wasted resources and lost revenue.

Enter the Medical Voicebot, INTechHouse‘s answer to the challenges plaguing medical facilities. But make no mistake, this isn’t just another chatbot with pre-programmed responses. Dubbed ‘EasyBot’, this AI-driven marvel is a sophisticated system designed with the patient at its core.

EasyBot serves as a virtual assistant, always available, always patient, and always efficient. It listens intently to patients’ needs, whether it’s to schedule or confirm an appointment. It’s able to understand context, ensuring that the patient’s requirements are met accurately.

But what truly sets EasyBot apart is its proactive approach. Instead of merely reacting to queries, it actively reaches out to patients, confirming appointments, and ensuring that the medical facility’s calendar is up-to-date. This approach has significantly improved operational efficiency, reducing no-shows and enhancing the patient experience.

At its core, EasyBot employs a sophisticated voice interface that seamlessly interacts with users. But what truly sets it apart is its underlying architecture and its proactive approach. Instead of merely reacting to queries, it actively reaches out to patients, confirming appointments, and ensuring that the medical facility’s calendar is up-to-date. This proactive approach has been a game-changer, streamlining operations and significantly reducing the number of no-shows.

The tool’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) layer is pivotal in deciphering user intent. The tool analyzes the spoken phrases and then matches them to pre-configured intentions, ensuring the bot comprehends and responds appropriately. This is further complemented by the conversation layer, which manages the flow of dialogue, ensuring interactions are coherent and contextually relevant.

With EasyBot’s continuous service, every call is attended to, ensuring all patient concerns are promptly addressed. This dedication has resulted in a significant 34% increase in visits coordinated through the hotline, reflecting its effectiveness and the confidence patients have in it. Moreover, the tool has greatly improved the confirmation rate for scheduled visits, a vital component for medical facilities. Daily, EasyBot proactively contacts numerous patients to confirm their upcoming appointments. The outcomes are clear: an impressive 90% of visits are now confirmed using EasyBot, and the rate of patients not attending their scheduled appointments has been reduced to just 5%.

The numbers and statistics provide a quantifiable testament to its success. The reduction in missed calls to zero and the significant increase in confirmed visits showcase the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Michał Kierul, CEO of INTechHouse, remarked, “We view healthcare not just as a service, but as an opportunity to truly make a difference in people’s lives. With EasyBot, we’re delving into the potential of AI to enhance patient interactions, ensuring they receive timely and efficient care. The ability of this technology to manage and streamline patient communications, something that traditionally posed challenges, is truly transformative. We’re excited about the journey ahead and are committed to continuously refining and expanding the capabilities of EasyBot to cater to the diverse needs of medical facilities worldwide.”


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