M-Cube Unveils Cutting-Edge Digital Signage Installation in Florence, Italy

Immersive installation in Florence train station

In-Store Digital Engagement solutions company, M-Cube, has revealed its state-of-the-art digital signage installation in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy.

Situated at Florence Santa Maria Novella train station, the impressive installation spans an impressive 25 meters in length, boasting a stunning 30 million pixels across its surface. With 400 modules covering a total area of 200 square meters, the installation offers an immersive experience featuring captivating 3D art and mesmerizing audiovisuals.

Since its unveiling, the installation has already attracted over a million visitors. Apart from being a popular attraction for tourists and locals, the installation also presents an excellent advertising opportunity. With a daily footfall of 160,000 passengers, Florence station stands as one of the busiest train stations in Italy.

Leonardo Comelli, Italy Business Director at M-Cube, expressed his thoughts on the project, stating, “As consumer expectations continue to evolve, digital experiences play an increasingly important role in enhancing brands’ offerings. The integration of the digital and physical worlds is crucial in elevating and unifying the overall customer experience. I would like to extend my gratitude to Real Media for collaborating with us on this project. The immersive tunnel we have developed exemplifies the power of digital tools in bringing emotions to life and creating impactful representations.”

This remarkable transformation coincides with the construction of a new station in Florence as part of Italy’s new high-speed rail network, connecting Milan to Naples and Turin to Venice. Spanning over 1,000 kilometers of railway lines, the network will feature four new stations in Rome, Turin, Naples, and Florence. Digital signage is poised to play a significant role in this ambitious high-speed rail network, enhancing the passenger experience and providing valuable information.

M-Cube’s cutting-edge digital signage installation in Florence not only captivates visitors with its immersive visuals but also sets the stage for the future of digital engagement in public spaces. As brands continue to explore innovative ways to connect with their audience, digital solutions like these are becoming increasingly vital to create memorable and impactful experiences for both locals and visitors alike.

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