MackMyra Whiskey Uncorks Exclusive Experience with NFC-Enabled Bottles

Photo by André Carvalho

MackMyra Whiskey, a distinguished Swedish distillery, has unveiled an innovative new offering that aims to transform the traditional whiskey experience. Introducing the Private Cask series – an exclusive collection of single malt whiskeys equipped with advanced digital technology to unlock personalized adventures for discerning drinkers.

Each Private Cask contains a 30L barrel of maturing spirit, yielding approximately 48 bottles of MackMyra’s signature smooth yet complex whiskey. Customers can customize their cask’s label for a personal touch and receive detailed information about their whiskey’s strength, age, recipe and origins in Sweden.

But what truly sets the Private Cask apart is the integration of NFC tags and Digital Product Passports (DPP) powered by the technology company Every bottle comes encased in an elegantly minimalist 3D-printed box, made locally in Malmö using recycled Swedish tire rubber. Adorning each bottle is a necklace tag that provides access to that whiskey’s unique digital passport via an NFC-enabled smartphone app.

“We wanted to mirror the individuality of each private cask whiskey by creating an interactive, digital identity for every bottle,” said Magnus Dandanell, CEO of MackMyra. “This allows enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their whiskey’s background and unlock a more enriching luxury experience.”

The passports detail the cask’s images, maturation process, tasting notes and more – essentially the biography of the rare spirit inside. Additional NFC tags integrated into the packaging enable re-ordering, customer support and further brand discoveries, cultivating engagement long after the bottle is gone.

The Private Cask series represents a new era of innovation in the spirits world. MackMyra, founded in 1999, has consistently pushed boundaries in Swedish whiskey production. This latest endeavor – combining exclusive aged spirits with interactive technology – aims to strengthen customer connections and loyalty.

“We strive to create lasting, memorable experiences through quality and innovation,” said Dandanell. “Our Private Casks offer aficionados not just a superior whiskey, but a chance to savor the story behind its making.”

Connoisseurs seeking an elevated whiskey encounter need look no further than MackMyra’s Private Cask, where old world craftsmanship fuses seamlessly with digital storytelling for a truly modern luxury experience.

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