New Film ‘Allies Left Behind’ Documents Plight of Abandoned Afghan Supporters

Allies Left Behind

Nearly 300,000 Afghan men, women and children, who supported America’s vision in the U.S. War in Afghanistan were abandoned and forced to fend for themselves after the nation’s departure in 2021.  “Allies Left Behind”, a harrowing documentary that aims to tell the stories of America’s Afghan allies, will be released in March and shed light on the situation as it stands.

The documentary follows America’s truest Afghan friends and supporters, as they now face death and torture in their home country, as well as extradition in Pakistan, where thousands sought refuge after the U.S.’s exodus.

“Allies Left Behind” was created by visionary filmmaker and Founder of Wolv Media, Refael Kubersky, who previously worked for the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction and graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service with a Master of Science degree in international relations. After experiencing first-hand the trauma that America’s Afghan allies are experiencing post war, he decided to act by documenting their lives to show the world.

“This is not a political issue, it’s a national issue,” said Kubersky. “Our departure from Afghanistan has had a profound impact on the people there who supported us the most, and now they are alone and facing the ultimate sacrifice. I created ‘Allies Left Behind’ to make America and the world aware of the dire situation in order to support policies to grant them safe passage.”

Ahead of the film’s release, Kubersky is available for interviews regarding the project, the U.S. War in Afghanistan and other ongoing affairs in the Middle East and Central Asia. Additionally, subjects of the film, including Afghan women who supported women’s rights during the war, are available to discuss the situation.

Currently, Kubersky is currently seeking a distribution partnership with a streaming service.

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