New Spring Coffee and Brewing Options Unveiled by Specialty Roaster

This week, Pact Coffee, a London-based specialty coffee roaster known for its ethically sourced beans, launched its spring coffee collection featuring two new fruity coffee options along with seasonal brewing equipment bundles.

The highlight of the new lineup is Fazenda Prazeres, a full-bodied dark roast with rich, creamy notes of toffee and raisin. Hand-picked at the family-owned Fazenda Prazeres farm in Brazil, this 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee provides a smooth, comforting profile perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

“With its well-rounded body and depth of flavor, Fazenda Prazeres is the ultimate fireside coffee – warm and cozy with a subtle fruit sweetness,” said Pact Coffee CEO Stephen Rapoport.

The spring collection also introduces Mushonyi, a juicy, fruity light roast bursting with flavors of blackcurrant and raspberry. Grown by the Muungano Cooperative in the highlands of Tanzania, Mushonyi beans are fully washed and sun-dried on raised beds for a clean, bright cup.

“Mushonyi delivers a tangy, berry-filled experience in every sip – it’s like spring in a cup,” Rapoport said.

Both new coffees are available for purchase on Pact’s website in whole bean and ground varieties, as well as in 125g and 250g reusable tin cans.

In addition to the new bean options, Pact Coffee’s spring line features pastel-colored brewing equipment and money-saving bundles. The Spring Brewing Bundle includes a 250g coffee tin and Bialetti Moka Pot stove-top espresso maker for £47.95, saving customers over £20 compared to individual purchases. An On-The-Go bundle pairs a Fellow Carter Move Mug with a 125g coffee tin for easy portability.

“We’re excited to offer coffee lovers new flavors as well as brewing tools to savor their favorite cups of coffee this spring,” Rapoport said.

The full spring coffee and equipment collection can be found online at

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