Pawprint Family Collaborates with Andersen Press to Introduce Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Badge Collection

In a momentous partnership, Pawprint Family proudly announces its latest collaboration with Andersen Press, welcoming the beloved character Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to its ever-expanding collection of badges. Inspired by David McKee’s iconic series of books, this new product emphasizes themes of inclusivity and friendship, aligning perfectly with Pawprint Family’s mission to foster these values among children through exciting collaborations.

Timed perfectly ahead of Elmer Day on May 27th, Pawprint Family, the leading family brand that provides leaders, teachers, and parents with a multitude of free activity ideas and resources, along with exclusive badges, joins forces with Andersen Press to unveil the ultimate Elmer Challenge Pack and badge.

Celebrating diversity and friendship, the challenge pack and accompanying resources have been meticulously designed to infuse vibrant colors into children’s adventures. With over 40 free activity ideas that guarantee hours of entertainment, children can explore the themes of friendship, kindness, and acceptance. From engaging crafts to educational games, the Elmer Challenge Pack serves as an invaluable resource for parents and teachers seeking fun, elephant-themed adventures while promoting individuality and inclusivity.

Alongside the Elmer Challenge Pack, Pawprint Family presents a meticulously crafted embroidered sew-on badge. This high-quality badge serves as a delightful incentive for young individuals to commemorate their achievements after completing the colorful and engaging adventures.

Pawprint Family, founded by experienced Ranger and Explorer Leader duo Charlotte and Jamie Russell, has emerged as the leading brand for creating collectible, high-quality embroidered and enamel pin badges. Their designs, trails, tales, and activity resources have garnered acclaim for their support of youth leaders, teachers, and parents.

As Pawprint Family expands its licensing portfolio and solidifies its position in the market, this collaboration marks the first of many fruitful partnerships between Pawprint Family and Andersen Press. Charlotte Russell, co-founder of Pawprint Family, expressed her excitement, stating:

“We are thrilled to partner with Andersen Press to bring the Elmer Challenge Pack and badge to families everywhere. Recognizing that 45% of parents experience burn-out during school holidays and often struggle for ideas to keep children entertained, we understand the importance of providing families with engaging and educational resources. Given Elmer’s status as a beloved character, we hope that this challenge pack will bring joy to children as they explore Elmer’s world, embracing individuality and celebrating diversity.”

Sarah Kimmelman, Head of Marketing at Andersen Press, echoed the sentiment, saying:

“We are constantly seeking fun and creative ways to share Elmer’s important messages throughout the year, especially around Elmer Day on May 27th. This collaboration with the Pawprint Family team is an ideal fit, and we hope families enjoy the creative challenges in their fantastic pack. Children and adults alike will undoubtedly love the colorful patches and badges from Pawprint Family!”

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