Podcast Powerhouse Ellie McKay Reveals Her Top Game-Changing Interviews of 2023

Ellie McKay Reveals Her Top Game-Changing Interviews of 2023

Get ready to dive into the minds of today’s most accomplished business leaders. Ellie McKay, host of the chart-topping On A Mission podcast, unveils her top interviews of 2023. From AI’s existential threat to humanity and social media’s toxic effects, to battling imposter syndrome and the secret of success, Ellie distills the key insights she gained from her in-depth conversations with some of the world’s most influential figures over the past year.

Ellie McKay, the host of the acclaimed On A Mission podcast which one of the most listened-to business and entrepreneur podcasts globally, compiles the most valuable insights from prominent figures in the business world whom she has interviewed in-depth over the past year.

Mo Gowdat, Former Chief Business Officer of Google X says “AI has reached the point of no return”

“It is beyond an emergency, It’s the biggest thing we need to do today. It’s bigger than climate change believe it or not.”
He added: “The likelihood of something incredibly disruptive happening within the next two years that can affect the entire planet is definitely larger with AI than it is with climate change.”

My interview with Mo Gowdat has been one of the most powerful and somewhat terrifying of 2023. The information he revealed is arguably the most important to date, as he states AI is the biggest existential threat to humanity.

Mo is a world leading AI expert and is very clear from our interview that Artificial Intelligence not only has the potential to end humankind, but it will if we let it continue at the rate it’s currently operating.

The former chief business officer warned about the dangers of AI saying it is ‘beyond an emergency’ and ‘bigger than climate change’. What I found startling was when Mo talked about the impact on our jobs and how he believes the government needs to regulate the industry. I’ve chosen it because the world needs to know so we can act before the point of no return.

Eddie Hearn, sports promoter and entrepreneur, learnings for social media

‘Sometimes I take a break from social media, but I just turn my comments off now. I’ll still look every now and again because I need that feedback. I need to know what the market and the fans are actually thinking. But those same people that might say something online, when they see you at a show ask for a photo, it’s a toxic world. It’s also something I try and teach my kids that social media is not real. I think it would be a better life to just turn it off, because actually, the only way those comments can infiltrate you, if you see them or if you read them. And if you don’t read social media, you don’t see them. So really you are what you can consume. And that’s also what I tell my kids. Especially now with algorithms’.

Eddie for me here hits on the main concerns affecting us all and worries for our children who are actively using social media.  It is important to remember to put these things into perspective and learn to manage our use of social media.

SAS’s Anthony ‘Staz’ Stazicker, on constantly challenging yourself in work and life

‘Once I’d passed selection and that for me was the verification that I probably needed as an individual to say, you do deserve to be here because you’ve proven it. But in the beginning before you’ve proven it, you absolutely should have imposter syndrome. I think that’s good for you. I think you should be constantly challenging yourself, thinking about how you can be better, if you’re in the right place, have you trained enough.. all these kind of thoughts – we are all human, we think about these things constantly – have I prepared enough for this? And as you get older and a bit wiser and more experienced through difficult situations, I felt all of those things. In the Marines, it was doubt. Am I going to be fit enough? But one of the biggest things it did teach me [the military], is to never judge a book by its cover’.

Staz’s take on imposter syndrome hit a chord with me. We can all learn something here. Business and entrepreneurship is rewarding but it can be tough at times so Staz’s view that we should all have imposter syndrome and keep challenging ourselves in difficult situations is a motivating statement for us all to learn from.

Carl Runefelt, Billionaire/entrepreneur, on his secret to success

“Your personality decides your personal reality”

Carl revealed in his interview that this is one of his favourite sayings. Carl suggests that our mindset and outlook is shaped by our personality and can influence our perspective of reality. It is a really clever statement that highlights the impact of individual perspectives on perceived perceptions.

These are the top four insights, perspectives and learnings I will be carrying through to 2024.

On A Mission and Ellie McKay can be found on her Youtube channel and Apple Podcasts.

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