Sleepless in the City: How Mountain Valley MD is Pioneering Natural Sleep Solutions for a More Productive Workforce


Written by health and wellness journalist Emily Fata, this insightful article explores how innovative companies like Mountain Valley MD are developing effective natural sleep aids to combat widespread sleep deprivation. With surveys showing that lack of sleep severely impacts workplace productivity, Fata details how MVMD’s research-backed supplements like Eons Deeper Sleep can help employers boost staff performance and morale through better rest. Delving into the science behind these plant-based formulations, Fata spotlights MVMD’s patented QuicksomeTM delivery system that enhances absorption without side effects.

Highlighting extensive trials verifying REM improvements, the article makes a compelling case for corporations integrating natural sleep remedies into wellness programs. Fata provides a wake-up call on the importance of sleep health, relaying MVMD’s mission to enable people to live “More Life” through optimized circadian rhythms. Offering an enlightening look into the future of sleep technology, this piece underscores how pioneers like MVMD are driving innovation to help employees and companies thrive.

Getting a good night’s sleep is so important, but in today’s hectic world, when time is valuable and demands seem never-ending, it’s easy to overlook this to place it on the back burner. In spite of this, we as a society should always appreciate the importance of sleep for its contributions to our general health, happiness, and productivity at work. Acknowledging the significance of enhancing human well-being, especially concerning natural sleep aids, organizations like Mountain Valley MD (MVMD) are leading the way in creating solutions that are intended to transform our perspective on sleep and make our work lives happier, more productive, and actually—dare it be said?—enjoyable.

We’re exploring the importance of this topic today with insights shared by MVMD’s CEO and President, Dennis Hancock. The various facets of sleep, the development of natural sleep solutions, and their profound implications on work productivity and overall wellness are all things we should be aware of, including their product Eons Deeper Sleep.

Why Companies Should Prioritize Human Health

 Any business’ success depends on how happy and productive its employees are. “Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality is well documented to have a major impact on the workplace. I read an article recently from the Sleep Foundation that some 40% of people, approximately five million Canadian workers, report having sleep problems,” Dennis informed us. “Employees who report poor sleep quality also report 28 more days of absence in a work year over their well-rested peers. When you start to look deeper into workforce accidents, more than 25% of these incidents are linked to sleeplessness. This is very significant, and the cost on productivity and employee health and wellbeing is massive.”

With this awareness in mind, progressive businesses are looking for ways to improve people’s health. Human health should be prioritized by businesses seeking sustainable growth, not just as a moral obligation, but also as a business strategy. Dennis elaborated, “We believe there is a great opportunity for employers to provide employees with a product like Eons Deeper Sleep as part of their corporate wellness programs, to help their staff get a better night’s sleep and, in turn, have the energy and motivation to contribute to the job requirements each day at their highest level.”

This can support corporate objectives to reduce absenteeism while increasing employee productivity and proactively supporting a culture of creativity and innovation. Providing access to natural supplements, in addition to other wellness policies and benefits, allows employees to make choices on how they will manage their own health and wellness journey, starting with a great night’s sleep. Putting money into the well-being of your staff can increase output, lower absenteeism, and create a happier, more engaged workforce.

What more of an incentive do you need?

Uncovering Unique Aspects in Natural Sleep Solutions

 “Mountain Valley MD’s mission is captured in just two words: More Life. This isn’t just about preventing death or disease, but rather, looking at how we can help people live a better life, with a greater ability to tackle their day. We want people to have a great night’s sleep, to help them with weight loss goals, to give them the energy for a great workout, and to reduce the pain that might be holding them back,” Dennis told us.

Many side effects and dependencies are associated with traditional sleep aid options, and MVMD is turning this around for a healthier and more practical solution; this calls for investigating the distinctive features that natural sleep aids can offer. To solve this problem, there must be a dedication to revealing these facets via thorough investigation and advancement.

The company’s main goal is to find essential ingredients that not only improve sleep, but that can accomplish this without the negative effects of traditional sleep aids. This innovation commitment demonstrates MVMD’s commitment to offering natural, yet effective, solutions to the widespread issue of sleep deprivation.

This is where Deep Sleep capsules come in. While traditional sleep aids often use synthetic chemicals or pharmaceutical ingredients, MVMD’s formulation uses naturally derived ingredients: Melatonin (a hormone naturally produced in the body), valerian root (an herbal supplement), and myrcene (a terpene found in plants). Prescription sleep medications and over-the-counter sleep aids can sometimes lead to dependency or have undesirable side effects like grogginess or dizziness. With MVMD’s technology, however, they are using less of the active ingredients than those found in traditional sleep aids; as a result, they are less likely to cause dependency or adverse side effects.

The Importance of Research and Development in MVMD’s Natural Sleeping Pills

 MVMD is committed to creating natural sleeping pills, and this commitment is based on extensive research and development. Dennis highlighted the significance of important ingredients in their formulations because he understands the importance of the process.

“MVMD has a patented approach where we use a desiccated liposome technique to encapsulate and deliver active ingredients. The finished products are consumed by letting a small tablet dissolve under your tongue. We call this technology Quicksome™,” Hancock elaborated, “and we have proven our approach to have a very powerful effect in significantly reducing variability, as well as the poor bioavailability that is common with orally consumed pills and capsules.”

These components have been carefully chosen because of how well they work to improve sleep and general well-being. For those looking for better sleep quality, MVMD’s natural sleeping pills are a long-term solution thanks to its research-driven methodology, which guarantees that they are not just a temporary fix, but are a life-long solution.

Distinguishing MVMD’s Natural Sleep Remedy

 In a world where sleep deprivation is a widespread problem, MVMD’s natural sleep aid is superior to conventional solutions. “One of the core beliefs at Mountain Valley MD is that the earth can naturally provide the ingredients that we need to optimize how our bodies function, how we rest, how we heal,” Dennis explained to us. “The role of our nutraceutical work at MVMD is anchored in the idea that continuous improvement comes from taking consistent steps forward and ultimately helping people be ‘better than yesterday.’”

He lists the natural ingredients and lack of adverse side effects as the main differentiators. The advantages of MVMD’s natural sleep remedy are found in both its effectiveness and the more all-natural and holistic approach it offers to treat sleep problems.

Impact of Insufficient Sleep on Workplace Productivity

The issue of inadequate sleep has become widespread and has significant effects on productivity at work. Unsurprisingly, getting too little sleep can affect one’s ability to think clearly, causing them to make more bad decisions, and feel stressed out more.

Understanding the relationship between worker productivity and well-being, Dennis highlighted how natural sleep aids can improve overall workplace effectiveness, explaining that it began with a solid partnership. “Interestingly, when we first started working with the team at Circadian Wellness, the parent of the Eons brand, we had two high-impact products that we felt would immediately demonstrate the power of our technology and formulation work for them—a sleep aid and an energy tablet. A few people on their team had extensive tracking of their sleep history through wearable devices, and they immediately saw the benefit of our sleep tablet by recording the best REM sleep they had achieved in five years of tracking. That is where we started a great partnership, founded in the proof that we had a novel product approach that could change the nutraceutical landscape.”

Encouraging healthy sleep habits is a critical component of workplace wellness initiatives, which are becoming increasingly important for many businesses. Companies can reap major benefits from integrating natural sleep remedies into their corporate wellness initiatives. Better sleep can contribute to a more positive and productive work environment by raising employee satisfaction, lowering stress levels, and improving general health.

Considerations in Formulating MVMD’s Natural Sleeping Pills

When creating natural sleeping pills, it is crucial to ensure that the medication is safe and appropriate for all people. Dennis illuminates the painstaking considerations that were made during the process of development, telling us that “sourcing the highest quality of FDA approved ingredients and using a fraction of the actives, versus competitive orally consumed products, was the key focus of applying our technology to the nutraceutical space.”

It becomes evident that MVMD is dedicated to providing a product that is safe for general usage in addition to functioning, which is why they undergo extensive testing and follow safety regulations. Using a smaller amount of melatonin, for example, is beneficial, as it helps to ensure that the body’s natural production of melatonin is not impeded (as is often the case with products that contain higher amounts). Thus, consumers should use products that have MVMD’s Quicksome™ technology when they need an edge or natural boost in their day or want to break bad sleep habits.

The importance of a comprehensive strategy for optimizing health is highlighted by the frequent connections between sleep disorders and other medical conditions—consequently, this larger picture fits with natural sleep aids. MVMD seeks to promote people’s general well-being by addressing sleep problems naturally and acknowledging the interdependence of different facets of health.

Positive Outcomes from MVMD’s Sleep Trials: Deeper Sleep

 The positive results of sleep trials attest to the effectiveness of MVMD’s natural sleep remedy, Deeper Sleep. Dennis provides an analysis of the participants’ reported improvements in overall well-being and sleep quality. These results support the effectiveness of the company’s natural sleep aids and highlight their potential to improve the lives of people who are looking for a more all-encompassing approach to better sleep.

“We have been doing some very interesting testing on the effectiveness of the Eons Deeper Sleep product, and the initial feedback is very strong to showcase the benefits of MVMD’s Quicksome™ technology. We are documenting longer sleep, reduced latency, deeper sleep, and deeper REM sleep through participant monitoring studies using Oura Rings,” Hancock proudly informed us. (For those that don’t know, the Oura Ring is an award-winning wearable device that tracks biometrics like heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, and other key vitals. It also provides daily scores for sleep, readiness, and activity and has validated the product’s effectiveness and anticipated consumer experience.)

MVMD has done extensive formulation and product testing across a broad array of nutraceutical applications such as for focus, pain relief, anxiety, energy, appetite suppression, libido, and more. “The focus on how we intersect as a compliment to the natural circadian rhythms of the human body is key to helping consumers achieve their overall health and wellness goals, truly evolving to be better than yesterday, each and every day,” Hancock noted. “When you understand the power of a good night’s sleep and how it sets up the next day for success based on your readiness, we think the first Eons Deeper Sleep product is great to launch our Quicksome™ technology with.”

Dennis and the MVMD team anticipate more advancements and innovations in the field of natural sleep aids in the future, starting in their own labs. The company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of R&D is apparent when you consider how they are continuously enhancing their offerings.

MVMD: The Future of Biotech

 When asked what Mountain Valley MD’s future will hold, Dennis shared, “We are working on the broad health and wellness category as a whole, taking the philosophy that we want to simplify and reduce the quantity of natural ingredients that consumers are putting in their bodies, while optimizing effect. We are focused on how we can positively impact the 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle across the physical, mental, and behavioural landscape; helping consumers understand their body and what they need at certain times of the day is core to our vision of ‘More Life’ and helping everyone optimize their own health and wellness journey.”

It is impossible to overestimate the significance of sleep, and organizations such as Mountain Valley MD are at the forefront of developing natural sleep remedies. By means of thorough investigation, inventive formulas, and a dedication to holistic well-being, MVMD is not only tackling the widespread problem of inadequate sleep but also enhancing overall well-being and productivity at work.

Businesses that prioritize the health of their employees by investing in natural sleep solutions are not only ensuring a more sustainable and prosperous future, but also contributing to the growing discourse surrounding sleep health.



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