Stone’s Throw Media Thrives with NHS Successes, Securing Digital Projects for the Future

Stone's Throw Media co-founder Mike Chinn with content creator Tom Williams

In a series of achievements, Stone’s Throw Media, an award-winning video and animation agency, has solidified its position within the NHS by forging strong partnerships with the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Birmingham & Solihull NHS Trust since 2019. Building on these relationships, the Wolverhampton-based digital agency has secured a robust pipeline of digital projects, further enhancing its reputation in the healthcare industry.

Stone’s Throw Media is currently engaged in the production of animation projects covering a wide range of topics, including dementia, inclusivity, diversity, equality, patient check-up procedures, and maternity care. These projects aim to effectively communicate vital information to diverse audiences, reflecting the agency’s commitment to capturing various aspects of the healthcare system in its work.

Co-founder of Stone’s Throw Media, Matt Weston, expressed enthusiasm about the agency’s collaboration with the NHS, stating, “We really enjoy the relationship we have and are thrilled to have secured a number of projects for these clients for 2023. No two jobs are the same, and we feel honored to be able to document and communicate vital information on behalf of the trusts.”

Among the recent projects undertaken by Stone’s Throw Media is a medical explainer animation video elucidating the changes to the integrated care system. In an effort to simplify complex information and engage viewers, the agency employed motion graphics and depicted individuals at various stages of health, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the combined trust.

Additionally, an explainer video was created to promote the role of maternity link support workers, shedding light on their invaluable contributions to supporting expectant mothers, particularly those whose first language is not English. Furthermore, a video was produced to showcase the facilities and experiences that expectant mothers can expect at New Cross Hospital’s maternity unit.

Nicola Hawker, Parent Education Midwife at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, praised Stone’s Throw Media for their ability to bring important messages to life in a creative and engaging manner. She expressed excitement about the future collaborations, saying, “We look forward to seeing what innovative ways the Stone’s Throw team can illustrate our important work in 2023 and beyond.”

Amos Mallard, Acting Deputy Director of Strategy & Head of Communications at Birmingham & Solihull Integrated Care Trusts, commended Stone’s Throw Media for effectively delivering crucial information to diverse communities. He emphasized the agency’s ability to simplify complex issues and engage target audiences effectively.

Co-founder Mike Chinn expressed pride in being part of the NHS’s efforts to inform the public, acknowledging the exceptional service provided by the NHS. Stone’s Throw Media, founded by Chinn and Weston in 2011, has positioned itself as a video, animation, and livestreaming agency for clients seeking growth. With revenue and profits reaching new heights, the agency has expanded its staff to ten members and continues to serve notable brands such as JLR, Briggs, Greene King, and the City of Wolverhampton College. Notably, Stone’s Throw Media was recognized as the Small Business of the Year at the 2022 Express & Star Apprenticeship Awards.

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