The Future is Driverless: PIX Moving and TIER IV Bring Robobus to CES 2024

Robobus at CES 2024

In June 2023, TIER IV and PIX Moving forged a groundbreaking partnership under the banner of “fanfare,” an inventive solution geared towards expediting the production of autonomous driving (AD) enabled electric vehicles. This groundbreaking collaboration introduces white-label EV models, enabling customers to commercialize these vehicles under their own brand names while seamlessly integrating AD features, thereby propelling the autonomous mobility landscape on a global scale.

Hailing from Japan, TIER IV stands as a trailblazer in autonomous driving technology, committed to reshaping the landscape of intelligent vehicles. With an unwavering focus on safety, innovation, and open-source software, TIER IV aspires to empower individuals and transform the way people engage with transportation. As the driving force behind Autoware, the world’s most extensive open-source AD project, TIER IV aims to democratize autonomous technology for all.

Complementing this vision, PIX Moving is dedicated to the development and manufacture of urban mobility vehicles, contributing to the evolution of the next-generation smart mobility ecosystem. Having produced a diverse range of smart vehicles, including the autonomous shuttle Robobus, on-demand Moving Space, and electric mini EVs, PIX Moving strives to facilitate two-way mobility and interaction between “human” and “space.”

Pooling their strengths, PIX Moving has joined forces with TIER IV in the “fanfare” initiative to supply white-label autonomous driving Robobus for the Japanese market. The global autonomous driving sector has witnessed substantial growth and transformative trends over the past decade. “The Japanese Government spearheads the Level 4 AD initiative, aiming to deploy Level 4 AD services in at least 50 regions by 2025 and 100 regions by 2027 in Japan. The Fanfare solution, introduced by TIER IV, aims to address the challenges of procuring affordable EVs certified for Level 4 AD services to meet the high demand in Japan,” as per a TIER IV press release.

Taking their collaboration to new heights, TIER IV and PIX Moving are expanding their horizons by showcasing the Robobus at CES 2024. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and a pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions, Robobus emerges as a game-changer. This partnership between PIX Moving and TIER IV unites the expertise of two innovative companies to provide white-label driverless buses poised to revolutionize urban mobility.

Beyond mere transportation, Robobus transforms into “Moving Spaces,” redefining the concept of vehicles. With customizable interiors, the Robobus can morph into meeting rooms, personal libraries, gyms, or even cafés, catering to diverse needs and preferences. This adaptability opens new avenues for businesses and individuals, fostering a distinctive and personalized mobility experience.

As CES 2024 approaches, anticipation for Robobus continues to mount. PIX Moving and TIER IV extend invitations to industry professionals, tech enthusiasts, and innovators to witness the future of urban mobility firsthand at the unveiling of Robobus, shaping the trajectory of mobility’s future.

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