Paramedic Launches Revolutionary Wellbeing ‘First Aid Kit’ to Improve Mental Health

Kyle Raffo with a Pause kit

Kyle Raffo, a former paramedic who has witnessed the alarming increase in mental health issues on the front line, has partnered with personal development coach Charles Sanders to introduce a groundbreaking wellbeing ‘first aid kit.’ Their aim is to enhance the nation’s wellbeing and prevent common stresses and anxieties from escalating into mental health problems.

Having experienced the surge in mental health challenges and their impact on healthcare, emergency services, education, and the workplace, Kyle and Charles have developed the Pause kits. Similar to reaching for a physical first aid kit during an injury, the Pause mental wellbeing kit contains a range of sensory items that individuals can turn to in moments of stress or anxiety.

By distributing these kits to schools and workplaces, the founders of the new Pause community interest company also seek to encourage conversations about mental health and instill the habit of caring for mental health, just as individuals do with their physical health.

The launch of the Pause mental wellbeing kit coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week, which is focusing on anxiety this year. According to a recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation, one in four adults reported feeling anxious to the extent that it hindered their desired activities some or all of the time.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, the Foundation has provided helpful tips for coping with anxiety. The Pause mental wellbeing kit includes various items that can assist in implementing these strategies, such as sleep balm, a sleep mask, an award-winning sensory board, a gratitude journal, access to music, and a stress ball. All items have been thoughtfully selected by paramedics and operate on the principle of reducing stress by engaging the sensory channel.

The self-care kit is portable, allowing individuals to discreetly carry it in a bag or keep it on their desk for use whenever needed.

Reflecting on his years of service in frontline healthcare emergency services in the West Midlands, Kyle emphasized the need for society to prioritize wellbeing to prevent these issues from arising. With the NHS already facing challenges and individuals experiencing additional financial strains, he stressed the importance of taking action to equip people with tools, resources, and knowledge to prevent mental illness wherever possible.

Charles, who has been working with business owners and directors for several years, acknowledged the increasing impact of stress and burnout on the economy. He highlighted the financial costs associated with sick leave due to poor mental health and the toll it takes on individuals, emphasizing that mental health and wellbeing should be a higher priority. He believes the Pause kit can help businesses demonstrate their investment in employee wellbeing and create an environment where mental health can be openly discussed.

As a community interest company, Pause is dedicated to improving the nation’s wellbeing one kit at a time. Profits from the sale of kits will be reinvested into training and support for schools, universities, workplaces, and healthcare services. Kyle and Charles also plan to advocate for stronger legislation regarding the obligations of employers and educational institutions to support the wellbeing of their staff and students.

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